According to the CIA world fact book, life expectancy at birth of the Kenyan population is 59.48 years compared to 68 years 20 years ago. Kenyans are becoming more unhealthy, obese and are being diagnosed with diseases that were traditionally considered for the people in the developed world. These are mainly cancer, diabetes, heart conditions among many other lifestyle diseases.

The main reason for this is obvious, we are blindly following western culture hence diet and lifestyles and yet we cannot afford to treat these sophisticated aliments. We have abandoned our traditional diet that included organically grown food like maize, sorghum, millet, cassava, arrow roots. Nowadays the ‘champions breakfast’ is having a glass of milk, bacon, sausages and buttered bread. This is why we have so many proportional waist lines that are full of nothing but animal fat.

Back in the day, we used to drink fresh clean water from the rivers, lakes and springs but today we drink coca cola, alvaro and Mututho.

The doctors and nutritionists are making money giving people fake advice, so that they come back and nobody is doing anything.

Kenyans are eating too much processed food like pizza, bread, sossi, sausages the list is endless. We are also eating more animals than plants which is why you see several unproportional waistlines everywhere you go.

Balanced Diet and Exercise

good food
Healthy Eating

It all comes down to homescience, oops, they discarded that very helpful subject that helped me in knowing stuff about food and nutrition from an early age. We need to observe a balanced diet in every meal of the day.

When it comes to breakfast please thow away those tea bags, coffee, milo or cocoa, your body does not have any use for them hence you are just giving your liver extra work that it does not need. Drink porridge; oats, wimbi (sorghum, finger millet and maize combo) and there are many other innovative types you can find at your local store. You also do not need sugar, honey is the best sweetener and is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

For a warm sunny day freshly squeezed juice is your friend P.S. do not drink afia, minute maid nor delemonte, contains preservatives like sodium benzoate, which does not sound like food to me.

Lunch is always nice having some brown rice and grains; mostly beans and also some steamed veggies should complement the dish. Personally I am vegetarian though I may eat neat very rarely but when you do eat your meat make sure to cook and garnish it with garlic that neutralizes the acid in the meat and makes it easily digestible.

Fish is also nice for a heavy meal; Tuna, sardines and Mackerel being the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids and they are low in saturated fats.

In the evening a light meal is alway the best so that it is easily digested before you go to sleep. Grains and veggies should compliment some brown rice or brown ugali; the process that converts brown rice into white rice also shed more than 90% of the nutrients. Many companies bleach (using dangerous chemicals) the rice so that it looks attractive to the market.

Last but not least important is exercise. Research has proven that brisk walking is the best exercise next to swimming. 3 kilometers a day for 6 days a week is the best but it also depends on your health and well-being. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below