There are several misconceptions of fat I have heard people talking about and in this blog post am going to break down the different kinds of fats and their impact on your body. To make thins clear form the beginning, your body needs fat as a nutrient hence you should include fatty foods in your diet, though it is really important to know the different kinds of fats and how they can give you a heart attack or prevent it.

Generally speaking, there are two major types of fats; saturated fats and unsaturated first and we should begin breaking down the saturated fats.

Saturated Fats, Transfats The Bad Fats

Saturated fat is highly concentrated in animal tissue. After digestion, the remnants of the fat is taken to the liver for processing and the end product is cholesterol, in this case, Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. This is otherwise known as bad cholesterol because it is insoluble in blood hence deposited on the walls of your blood vessels mostly arteries, which leads to high blood pressure and many cases heart conditions, stroke and heart attacks.

There are also hydrogenated fats also known as transfats. Hydrogenation is the process that converts liquid fats into solid fats. These fats are known to increase LDL cholesterol , while decreasing HDL cholesterol, hence they also lead to blood circulatory diseases.

The Good Fatsolive oil

Unsaturated fats are the best fats known to man and they are only found in plants and nuts like olive oil and peanut oil. They lower the bad cholesterol while increase the HDL cholesterol hence lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They are further divided into polyunsaturated fats like the omega 3 fatty acids found in Tuna, Sardines, flaxseed oil and hemp. The other one is monounsaturated fats like those in avocados.

Unsaturated fats not only safe guard the body from cardio-diseases but research has proven that they do help avoid Type 2 diabetes by a long shot.


This is simple, animal fat is bad and plant fat is good. I know your doctor tells you that milk, eggs and meat are good sources of protein but I you have to realize that he/she is making profit when you are sick!!!

Don’t get me wrong…we do need saturated fats for cell structure and other needs but we need them in very small quantities, more or less the quantities of saturated fat found in plants.

Before the invention of fire, man was vegan and lived longer and happier lives but ever since we started cooking meat, everything went haywire. Furthermore, studies have shown that eating meat is worse than driving an SUV in terms of pollution to the environment because cows produce plenty of greenhouse gases like methane and use up a lot of water on the farm, Tafakari hayo!!!!