In my hood they just built a well-equipped gym and I have been working out for a while with friends who mostly want to lose weight, like many Kenyans would and I thought of sharing a few tips on the matter at hand. First of all, many people hit the gym without instructions, like me, but I do monitor my health and diet closely so…. anyway, my point is, you should talk to a professional or at least do your research on the internet on how to maximize your precious time during work out.

Secondly, you don’t have to be actually  inside a gym to exercise, no. You can engrave your day-to-day activities into your exercise routine. Research has proven that brisk walking is the best single kind of exercise next to swimming, but walking is more universal 🙂

Though everybody is different, it is widely agreed upon that we should walk about 3 kilometers/1.9 miles per day for at least 6 days a week. This is the best way to burn fat from your body. Then again, this all depends on your diet.

There’s a saying among those in the health industry, ‘Abs are created in the kitchen’ which I totally agree. If you want to get rid of that belt of fat on your waist line you just have to stop cut down on animal products and junk food. At the gym, there is this chic, Lizzie, keeps on asking me how I maintain shape and I keep telling her vegan but she still thinks there is some other secret to it. There is no point paying money to a gym and then you go eat ice cream, that’s what Bob Marley calls, “One step forward, two steps backwards…”

Lastly is the exercise of the mind, the best exercise there is. My favourite is Yoga which not only exercises your mind, it is also good for cardio, breathing, joints and muscles relaxation.

Chess is second. I am not a guru but I love the way the game makes me think hard analytically and theoretically. Art is also a good way to exercise your mind, as well as sculpting, creative writing, blogging ;-). Last but not least is using a map. Finding your way using a map is a good way to engage your imagination and analytical skill.