Christmas lost it’s meaning a long time ago. Back in the day, it was about Jesus, today it’s all about Santa Claus. It used to be Saint Nicholas, now it’s just ‘Santa” a legendary icon in western culture that depicts consumerism. Being the Kenya we are, we swallowed this mythology hook line and sinker and everywhere you go it’s all about binging, be it alcohol or food, or both, mostly both.

Majority of Kenyans will eat unhealthy (like they always do) and comfort themselves that it’s just the festive season, not considering

Roast Beef
Roast Beef - Red Meat is Leading cause of death in USA

the fact that you one kilo of beef has around 2,500 calories and you will have to walk 50 Kilometres to burn those calories which most Kenyans would rather die first than punish themselves with great exercise like brisk walking.

Yet we wonder why cancer is spreading fast in the country and killing people of all ages and socio-psycho-economical backgrounds. Ni Ushensi Yes…Ushensi *In Atwoli’s Voice*

Being a vegetarian, it’s always hard for me to knock some sense into meat-eaters about the dangers of the saturated fats, bad cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, gout the list is endless – I also try to inform them on the environmental impact of eating meat and how inflation and the cost of living are tied together but most of the times I preach to the choir.


Consumerism is the key driver of capitalism. Coca cola soda dehydrates you, leaving you craving for more and more cancer, so that they make more money. Warren Buffet owns like 20% of the Coca Cola (KO) shares, he also owns some GlaxoSmithkline plus several other healthcare stock, that should tell you something about whatever.

It seems the more toxic/dangerous the chemicals, the more tastier the product hence market friendly e.g. KFC’s genetically engineered chicken, people pay a premium to get carcinogenic(cancer-causing agents) chicken, and the chemicals they put in their gravy (read; Carcinogen Found in KFC’s New Grilled Chicken). Kenyans pay extra cash for this cancerous chicken, I here a kilo of  cancerous chicken goes for KES 2500 or something, Yes, I know… the world is crazy but you don’t have to follow the herd, wise up!!!