Every person on this planet earth is at risk of getting cancer, numerous independent peer-reviewed published studies prove that we are all exposed to some carcinogens though the risk varies widely, we all show traces of cancer-causing agents in our bodies, even 1 day old infants.  First of all let’s define cancer; cancer is the disease where cells grow abnormally, divide and spread themselves in an uncontrolled manner. This normally happens when the cells are fed with unnatural food/substances known as carcinogens.

Modern medicine links cancer mostly to genes and pathogens while plain old science links it to diet and lifestyle.

Most of the unnatural food we consume has been linked to cancer by several scientific studies e.g.  there are cancer-causing chemicals found in cola coloring ingredient of all the coca cola products, so please quit that soda which is expensive and does not have any nutritional value WHATSOEVER!

If you use sugar and eat many sugary snacks like cakes, biscuits, candy…you are practically eating the kind of  chemical energy that cancer cells need to thrive. Even afia is not healthy!

If you use a mobile phone especially a smartphone, you are at high risk especially men are at high risk of getting prostate cancer from the radiations on your high end phone that you brag about all day you idiot. This is so because most of the time the phone is in you front pockets close to your groin, that’s why I prefer a simple nokia 1616 worth KES 1500 and no radiation 🙂

Preservatives is sausages, bottled fruit juices, canned food and baked goods are cancerous, they use toxic chemicals like sodium benzoate…would you go inside a lab and eat some sodium benzoate? I did n’t think so

If you drink alcohol you are also at cancer risk, if you eat bacon, hot dogs and other processed meats you are at a higher risk of getting cancer thanks to sodium nitrite.

The number of cancer-causing agents in our everyday items is alarming, here is a more comprehensive list; List of Carcinogens

There is some good news though, there are plenty of  natural anti cancer foods that are best consumed if organic and as fresh as you can get.


Plant-based diet  cancer

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, nuts and beans offer great anti-cancer properties. For breakfast get some porridge, personally I prefer Winnie’s pure health organic porridge (Amaranth, Sorghum, Millet, Rye). Tea/coffee/cocoa are all cancerous due to the high processing and use of preservatives.

Oats also offer invaluable anti-cancer benefits, get some oat-meal porridge.

Instead of fries ad sausages for lunch, try brown rice/ugali/chapati with beans/peas/green grams with raw organic broccoli/cabbage/lettuce/cauliflower/kale/parsely/basil.

For supper eat some fresh-water fish instead of that beef, red meat has no real benefits, get some salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardine, which are high in unsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids that help fight off carcinogens.

Always include salads in your diet, I love salsa (kachumbari), guacamole, potato salad, avocado green salad and make sure to dress it with some extra virgin olive oil.

Drink organic freshly squeezed juice as much as you can! ‘

Exercise! exercise and exercise; I like yoga, swimming, brisk walking, climbing stairs, gym, sports, weight lifting, chess (exercise your mind).

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