You have already made your nonsensical new year’s resolution of how you will make more money and what not but most of y’all will probably not consider health-based objectives for 2012 which will significantly lower the life-expectancy number to perhaps below 50 as lifestyle disease spread like wildfire. The most recent case of a lifestyle-induced coffin was the famous Double M owner/entrepreneur. The guy was struggling with diabetes and hypertension/high blood pressure, mostly caused by you now what, that meat on your plate! May his soul rest in peace.

If I were you, the most important goal I would seek to fulfil is to go vegetarian. I know you are already uneasy by the notion on not killing innocent animals for dinner but what I exactly mean is just to decrease the number of slow animals on your plate and increase more plants to the menu.vegeterian

Let’s start by milk…status quo holds that milk is health, it strengthen’s your bones and bla. Yes milk is obviously great food from a mammal to her offspring but there is a significant reason why mothers produce milk for a SPECIFIC period of time. Cows lactate for around 8 months after giving birth and that’s it, no more milk. Evolutionary logic will simply tell you that milk is available for a short period of time because mammals need it for only a specific period of time. This milk has growth hormones that pump a 50 kg calf into a 500 kg bull in a few months…hold that thought…cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells…hence milk accelerates growth of cells and if you drink milk outside infancy, you are accelerating cancer! << there is no nutrient in milk that can’t be found in plants.

Human beings are the only living organisms that drink milk as an adult and it’s funny that you cannot drink a human’s milk, yet you praise that the white stuff is soooooo important to your health. So in 2012, do not drink milk, yoghurt, ice-cream, ghee, all that leads to cancer and excess saturated fats that lead to bad cholesterol and eventually death.

Second is the meat, Kenyans are addicted to it, it disgusts me, from stroke, to heart conditions, gout, bad cholesterol, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure…the list is endless, meat , especially red meat is not good for you. I am not saying you stop eating meat today, it’s very hard, the best is to do it gradually, instead of beef, have beans, instead of goats, eat your oats, changamka ki-afya, happy new year people, God Bless.