Yes you read it right, super models fall in love with my smooth skin and they never stop asking me which soap I use or which lotion…which cream and bla…This particular super model, @JudyTheSweet kept on noting that my skin is perfect and what not and today I will share you my sectrets to smooth healthy and rich skin. First of all, throw away your nivea, petroleom jelly and all that crap you apply to your skin, the largest organ in the body, remember that from high school biology?

If you are not willing to throw them away, just close this web page and continue with whatever you were doing because my style is as strict as monk’s timetable.

Balanced Diet

I know you do not like the sound of these words but it all starts with a balanced diet; carbs, protein, veggies, fruits, minerals and plenty water, at least 2 litres per day.

The veggies and fruits should be 50% of your food and if you can get fresh juice the better.

Avocados, avocados and more avocados…most of you who know me know that I cannot eat food without avocados. This amazing fruit avocadohas a lot of fat, good fat . Avocados also contain some carotenoid antioxidants—lycopene and beta-carotene and if you want super-model skin, antioxidants should be your middlename. Ok I don’t mean to get all geeky with the terminology but antioxidants basically are special types of nutrients that reverse oxidative damage to the human cells.

Our body uses oxygen that we breath for a lot of functions, in the process a by-product comes into the mix…this by-product called free radicals which cause aging, cancer and eventually organ failure and death. BTW many people think I am like 18 years old due to my habit of eating anti-aging foods…Oprah is almost 60 years old and looks like she just turned 30.

The best antioxidants are berries; tomato (yes tomato is a berry), strawberries, black berries…I prefer having some mix berries juice, the taste is unexplainable, you just have to try it!


Not only is exercise great for your cardiovascular well-being, it also helps nourish the skin by ensuring a constant flow of rich oxygen to the skin cells and also sweating out the toxins makes your skin look better.

Last but the most important thing to do is to buy neem products or any other natural skin care stuff. I prefer neem soap and lotion which also doubles as deodorant. You can thank me later…