I was taking inventory in my kitchen and when I got to the spices rack I realized I had no cayenne pepper which is no surprise since I use this spice in almost everything, as well as extra virgin olive oil. In my opinion this is the most versalite ammo to have in your arsenal of natural flavourings in terms of taste, use and most importantly nutrient composition and the underlying health benefits of cayenne pepper. As much as I love my peppers fresh and raw (organically grown of course), I mostly use the dried version which is pure ground and sold by a number of companies like Tropical Heat, Winnie’s Pure Health.

Fresh and purely ground cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper and Cancer

Cayenne pepper is great in seasoning, marinades, salads, dips, wraps basically anything but I love it most when I am cooking lentils. I add the cayenne, sea salt (and other spices) then start to boil. This way you cook with the seasoning and not adding it later onwards like most of the cooks and always results in using more salt which is not healthy.

Further, cayenne pepper is not as hot as most peppers hence even great for young children.

Cayenne pepper does kill cancer cells. The active compound in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, causes the cancer cells to commit suicide. There are many modern clinical studies backing this fact but your doctor and the big pharmaceutical companies that support them will  will not make any money if every cancer patient went under a natural health solution to a natural problem.

Cayenne Pepper Tips

  • First of all DO NOT think of the supplements, get the real deal; Preferably Organically-grown cayenne peppers are the best in terms of taste and nutrients.
  • While making your vegetable stock or meat stock, include some cayenne pepper together with the salt and any other seasoning << this way the flavours mingle most and if you are not into hot spicy foods this is perhaps the best way to consume it.
  • Make some ‘tear-gas’ and Kachumbari (salsa) or Guacamole with cayenne pepper together with Jalapeno peppers << deadly combination.
  • Sprinkle some cayenne pepper on some food as you let it rest just after removing from the hot pan.
  • Garnish your meal on the plate with some cayenne and be messy with it and sprinkle all over, especially if it’s a white plate…the presentation will be exquisite!
  • Eat them raw together with a nice marinated grilled-goat