Most people think that you have to slave in the gym to get that 6-pac but like most urban myths, it’s never the case. It’s more than 90% in the kitchen, 10% in the gym/field. Some chic on twitter triggered this post after she told me that she had ice cream jut after stepping out of a nice hotel gym KES 500 per day gone to waste just like that.

First of all you need to know what causes belly fat and believe me, it’s not just that beef stew you ate last night, but also the white rice, ugali, chapati, sugar and other heavily processed carbs. I was saving this theory for my book (coming in 5 months) but most of you will have 1 foot bellies by that time so I decided to share this issue.

Yes, white rice makes you fat! Since they have removed all the plant fibre (roughage) and most of the vitamins and minerals (more than 84% on average), all you have left is a soft carbohydrate. Now your body will digest this soft carb very fast, save what it needs for energy purposes, then store the rest of it as fat tissue…the same theory applies to chapati, ugali, refined sugar.

White Rice and the Glycemic index

Since white rice does not have the nutrients that God intended there to be, it will be digested very fast and subsequently causing a spike in your glycemic index. This triggers the pancreas to release some insulin to increase fat production from the perceived extra glucose. You may read more here; Glycemic Index and Glycemic load.

This is does not happen with whole grains like brown rice that contains plant fibre, the bran and the germ layers which the white rice is bereaved off. The brown rice is digested slowly and released into the blood as glucose in a sustainable manner. This is the same reason why brown rice makes you more full for more hours.

Furthermore, the white rice is bleached with toxic chemicals to make it sparkling white and these toxic chemicals enter your body directly…quit your white rice. I never buy white rice…a waste of money…maybe that’s the reason I lost 12 KGs and my 6 pac is solid ;-).

Yeah yeah cooking brown rice takes too long but It is because you are cooking more nutrients. I have a nice Rosemary Basil Brown Rice Recipe which I am having today, with some black bean stew and soft lettuce salad…. thanks for reading