Lamb is one of my favourite meats since it does not contain lotsa saturated (bad) fats and is very soft, basically melts in your mouth. It’s a great source of tryptophan, omega fatty acids, selenium, Manganese and vitamin B12 which is a nutrient I rarely take since I do not eat meat often and don’t touch dairy. I do drink some wheat grass juice once in a while but my favourite source of the elusive B 12 Vitamin is no doubt some healthy Lamb burger.

Health Profile

My burger does not contain cheese of course, nor anything artificial. The buns and bread are freshly baked without chemicals. If you have the time, you may bake your own which is much better and psychologically fulfilling. The avocado and banana reverse what the cheese would have done, fatten you and kill you slow fast with coronary heart disease, cancer or stroke. I have no beef with cheese, or cheese manufactures…I hold the same opinion on milk. Pictures speak a thousand words…I literally laugh out loud when I see this counter think cartoon…tafakari haya

Ingredients For the Marinade of the burger patties

¼ KG Minced Lamb
1 Red Onions
1 Tomatoes
3 or 4 garlic cloves
1/4 cup of sunflower oil
A bunch of cilantro leaves/ndania
Natural salt/sea salt/herbal sea salt
Cayenne pepper
3 slices of whole meal bread
1/2 tea spoon curry powder

1. Finely chop the stuff and make the patties with your hands.make patties with clean hands, use lemon to disinfect your hands
2. Marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes but ideally for 48 hours (In my experience, 45-48 hours is the best period to marinate meat, for extra flavour and avoiding the cancerous HCAs that form in unmarinated meats.

3. Brush lightly with some sunflower oil and cayenne pepper and then throw it on your preheated non stick pan for 5 minutes on both sides. Note that burgers are very delicate and NEED NOT be flipped around like meat…you will be tempted to but this is when you need to trust your instincts most 😉 I have never overcooked a burger simply by using low heat and also using my ears to hear the sear 🙂 some rhymes there.

Dressing The Burger

Here you need the traditional hard lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, diced avocado, banana, crushed honey-coated macadamia and cashew nuts (optional), mint and voila…making a healthy burger at home is that easy, now you have no reason to eat those fattening steers burgers, bon appetit