When to eat and drink fluids is very important to healthy living and there is modern scientific research showing that consumption of certain foods at certain times can be beneficial or even somewhat detrimental to your well-being. Most people eat lights breakfasts like highly processed black tea with homogenized and pasteurized milk, combined with white bread, margarine and MSG-laced sausages or Sodium Nitrite-preserved hotdogs. Then Lunch majority of us will order that rare-cooked steak with white rice and overcooked cabbage. Dinner is where some of us just feel too tired to cook since we have been eating food that has no nutrients hence we speed-dial the pizza guy and order the largest pizza (extra cheese) with the largest soda and ice-cream for dessert.

This is the trendy lifestyle that we are blindly adopting from the west especially USA and Western Europe, where people have the most cancers, diabetes and heart diseases due to sedentary lifestyle. Kenya is becoming richer and as our economy expands, our waistlines follow suit. I am sure you have seen the billboards across Nairobi, corporations are spending millions if not billions on advertising junk food and fake rice and the hospital and drug business is booming as well as the funeral home services, Umash now is bigger than ever, you can’t believe.

The Healthy Breakfast

This might sound cliché but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should always be in small portions for better digestion and absorption without overworking your metabolism with the burden of processing too much food.

You should start by drinking water, not boiled water, just drink the tap water and have faith in your detox system. If you can afford, drink certified mineral water especially when you wake up but if not, do not waste energy by boiling water removing the oxygen and creating some oxide derivatives from the metal in the sufuria. In fact boiled water is more dangerous than tap water because the metal pot/pan you heat the water with reacts when heated especially for long periods creating some nasty oxides that are indeed carcinogenic. Yes tap water has heavy metals but we will easily detox that with organic activated charcoal, beet root juice, ginger, broccoli, there are many ways to get rid off toxins.

After drinking water your stomach will be cleaned and you will feel hungry and now is when you aim high on your calories’ goal. Whole grains SHOULD always be present in your breakfast; Healthy Porridge, Muesli (Whole oats in vegan (soy/almond/rice milk + nuts + fruits), vegetable soups with healthy fresh whole grain bread, chapati+madondo-sukuma << this is the best way you can start your day, yes, especially if you had the meal last night, just warm it up (not in the microwave) and add an avocado to make it nicer.  The most important this is to make sure you get a balanced diet in the morning 🙂