Going Green with Tea

Green tea is one of my best anti-cancer arsenal and I prescribe it to all my weight-management clients. In fact green tea has so many health benefits that you would have to write a full book to expound them but I will try to put them in a nutshell just to give you a feeling of one of the many reasons why people from China and other parts of Asia likened to green tea, have one of the lowest rates of cancer and disease in general. There are a lot of research on green tea but so far here is what I have reviewed personally;

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Common Cold/Flu

I recently got a cold but I never lost a minute of work since I knew how to simply self medicate and green tea was part of my arsenal. Together with some lemon juice and honey, even the nastiest coughs will be put at bay with this powerful medication. In lab studies, the active catechin, EGCG, has been proven to ‘suppress viral RNA synthesis by altering the properties of the viral membrane’. (WHFoods.com)

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is basically inflammation around joints in our bone system. It is one of the most painful ailments but what hurts me most is that most chemical drugs prescribed by conventional doctors actually aggravate the arthritis, forcing you to buy more drugs to deal with the side effects. This consequential ingestion of big pharma’s addictive drugs is very bad for the liver which then forces you to buy drugs to treat the liver while it was arthritis you were worried about in the first place.

Green tea is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties and there are several scientific, lab and clinical studies proving green tea curing arthritis within a few days

3. Green Tea and Heart Health

No need to get technical here but you just need to know that several Japanese studies proved that green tea polyphenol antioxidants help protect heart and the cardioovascular system, reducing risk of coronery heart disease. 30% of green tea mass is from flavonoid antioxidants which researchers link to green tea amazing heart and general health properties which brings me to my next point.

4. Green tea ‘protects against death from all causes’

According to WHFoods, green tea boosts overall health while rehydrating your body and a a Japanese study published in the September 2006 issue of JAMA, suggested that drinking green tea lowered the risk of death due to all causes. The power of the green tea catechins is usually underestimated in the plight of seeking better overall health.

5.  Green Tea Lowers High Blood Pressure

Green tea helps to unclog arteries and it’s one of the fastest way to lower high blood pressure like this gentleman lowered his by 20 points within one day of using organically grown green tea.

6. Green Tea  and ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

There are many foods that help lower bad cholesterol and green tea is also a good part of that arsenal.

7. Green Tea and Cancer

Last but not least important, is that green tea helps prevent and treat all cancers. Research here shows very clearly that the strong antioxidative nature of green tea scavenge for free radicals that are linked to cancer, ageing and most diseases in genral.