The London 2012 was a success and our #TeamKenya represented us very much, maintaining our global recognition of producing game-changing athletes. Kenyans flew our flag high in that fortnight and the most impressive, in my opinion, was none other than David Rudisha, the 800m Olympic gold medalist, not only for smashing his world record, but also the way he did it with style, humility and suave.

We all knew that Rudisha would ‘Rudisha’ his 800m race olympic gold medal but we did not know that he would smash his own world record in style and fashion. The 23-year-old champion led the pack from the start and never looked back, finishing well ahead of competitors with ease. In a recent interview  he admitted that he was a little tired and sore after running the heats meaning that if he had fresh legs, he could have easily nicked a second from the already indomitable world record that he set a few years ago.

Born as David Lekuta Rudisha, was the son of a silver medalist in 1968 olympics so you can say that it’s in his blood to run like a champion. He also schooled at  St. Patrick’s, Kimuron Secondary School which is recognized for growing athletic talent like the previous 800m world record holder, Wilson Kipketer.

Many people around the world wonder how Kenyans manage to produce outstanding runners but they don’t realize that it is not only a good diet, great training grounds, but most importantly, it’s the ethics and high standards that our athletes show, on and off the track.

David, for example is known very well as the face of KIWI and that he does keep a shine on his shoes, be it on the track or off, yes KIWI does have products for sports wear which I also use personally to make sure that my soccer boots or my running trainers last long and look good all the time.

‘Wakati mtu anapongarisha viatu vyake, sio vyatu pekee vinavyongara’ (When someone shines his/her shoes, it’s not the shoes that shine alone…)
David knew what he was saying here…as the saying goes, it’s the shoes that make the man and I can attest to that because I spend a lot of cash on my shoes and making them look sharp has  made me look more professional in my work (chef) and also very hygienic. I always take time in cleaning my shoes, whether its my timberland boots, safari boots, loafers which I only use KIWI suede cleaner for the best quality.

Named after the endangered flightless bird from New Zealand, the KIWI brand has been the market leader since time immemorial and in this time of cheap substandard goods, your shoes need the best certified products of highest quality and there is no brand that can compare, just look at David’s shoes at the picture above, surely the shoe shine give him the edge, compliments the tuxedo he is grooming.

I know sharp-looking shoes cannot be the panacea to being an achiever which also requires sacrifice, hard work, the right environment and putting god first.