Over the last few weeks I have been rather reckless in the kitchen which made me cut myself a couple of times which is quite rare with me since I take utmost care especially when handling with sharp things. I guess everything happens for a reason and this was perhaps God’s way of helping me learn about foods that heal wounds, even infected ones.

Long story short I used different strategies of healing the wounds in no time, without using chemicals, bandages or elastoplast.

I tried out a couple of things but what worked best was a concoction os shea butter/aloe vera sap, cayenne pepper, natural salt, garlic and/or turmeric. Its best if you use all these combined but due to availability, aloe vera sap and natural salt can work too and are easily available.

wound-healing foods
From left; Turmeric, Cayenne pepper, Shea Butter, Garlic Bulb and Aloe Vera (everything Organic)

Why Organic

Inorganic soils lack the nutrients and minerals that organic farms convey to the food thus when you use the inorganic cayenne pepper from the supermarket, it wont work. Plus, inorganic farmers spray all kinds of chemicals to kill unwanted pest which also find their way to your plate and the underground water system. I know its hard to get organic cayenne and that is why I started selling to my clients and other customers.

The moment I started using organic cayenne pepper I have never looked back, the health benefits are just amazing.

Back to the wound-healing foods…another important thing that helped my speedy healing was vitamin D exposure. I upped the ante when it came to sun busking and it improved my immune system which is vital for everyone. Not just any sunlight, early morning and late afternoon has the least UV rays. Oh and throw out your sunblock (sunscreen), they cause cancer, sunlight prevents it by improving your immune system. I also increase my salmon, wild Alaskan, sustainably fished red salmon from John West is reported to have no mercury or lead contamination << that was just a by the way.

Just mix up all the ingredients and apply directly to the wound and the paste will attach itself. Please feel free to leave a comment and continue the discussion