Cancer is growing at an alarming rate in Kenya and this had led me to reviewing a handful of research reports on carcinogens and the ones that caught my eye which I have never talked about here is the cancer-causing effects of your normal cleaning chemicals. These chemicals also find their way to the environment polluting our drinking water. Since the world is one ecosystem, best believe that there are toxic chemicals in the north pole, killing the penguins and melting the ice.

Personally I get affected when I inhale these chemicals and I find trouble breathing so I had to read and understand the what, the how and the why.

Cancerous Chemicals in Your Home

I wont mention any brands here but all ‘all-purpose’ cleaners use very toxic chemicals like chlorine which combines with other stuff to produce more toxic stuff like sodium hypochlorite, chloramine and God-Knows what else. Even the stuff that you use to clean your toilets is carcinogenic (cancer-causing) because you inhale the fumes.

Cologne, Perfume, deodorant, any kind of aerosol spray and all those conventional ‘skin-care’ products contain chemicals you cannot pronounce (I dare you to try pronounce all the ingredients in you sun screen or even lotion, I will give you KES 1000 ASAP). I am sorry to say but they all cause cancer. I don’t like using cologne, never use deo, lotion, I just use extra virgin olive oil and shea butter and my skin is almost perfect 🙂 of course the healthy foods I eat also help a lot.

If Insecticide kill insects kill Insects what makes you think they are not toxic to human beings? Need I say more??

Burning incense is also very toxic, causing a wealth of respiratory problems like lung/mouth/nose/throat cancer. The area of concern here is the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are well-studied and are known to cause cancer. If you need the nice aromas in your home go for bee’s wax candles there are infused with natural stuff like vanilla, rose and apples.

Healthier, Greener Alternatives

  • I recently started cleaning my bathroom with baking soda and I was very flabbergasted to see how shiny the porcelain became, never that clean when I was using the toxic products.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is also a great non-toxic way of cleaning your home and it can also be used to clean clothes. (yes, washing detergent is also toxic)
  • Vinegar, any kind as long as its organic and natural, not the synthetic ones filled in supermarket shelves. I prefer using white wine vinegar for washing my kitchen utensils. (you can also make your own vinegar at home, which is very simple just Google it 🙂
  • Lemon rind and lemon juice are also great disinfectants and they also leave that nice aroma in your toilet.

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