So yesterday I went to buy some stuff from Nakumatt Galleria and the cashier who served me was wondering how weird my shopping items we; sesame oil, brown rice, stevia and she just had to ask what was ‘wrong’ with me, of course in a light way… After having a laugh I started explaining to her the benefits of using stevia as a sugar alternative and she could not believe that I could bake without sugar which is not the healthiest thing in your pantry. She was interested in knowing whether sugar was good for pregnant women as she was with child and heard that it is not good for the development of life within her.

Why Not Sugar?

  1. First of all, refined sugar is stripped off most of the nutrients during processing, to make it last longer and look better on the supermarket shelf.
  2. Sugar is bleached using toxic chemicals to make it very white, again, for commercial purposes.
  3. Cancer feeds on sugar.
  4. Excess sugar gets stored as fat thus increase in weight.
  5. Sugar messes up your immune system leaving you at high risk.

In fact there are very many health risks associated with consumption of refined sugar and other toxic chemical sweeteners like Aspartame which just sounds like cancer. These chemicals are hidden in majority of your favorite soft drinks, pastries, chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, inorganic honey, biscuits… basically most of the commercially processed foods contain toxic carcinogens that cause cancer and other life-threatening complications.

This is Where Stevia Comes in

It is any mother’s instinct to want the best for their child, especially unborn and I using refined sugar and chemical sweeteners is strongly correlated to low intelligence and poor immunity, which means that the child will have a harsh time in this world. Though there is no genetic predetermination that the child will be dumb and weak, there is a strong genetic predisposition and hence the old adage of, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.stevia, sugar alternative

  • Stevia is one of the many natural sweeteners and it is just a leaf/herb. I use it for my herbal teas, braised meals, porridge and pastries. I never use sugar AT ALL! It’s very possible.
  • Stevia has virtually no calories hence great for weight management since excess sugar is converted into fat fast.
  • Stevia is scientifically verified to lower high blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • This herb is very good for teeth as commercial sugar and toxic chemical sweeteners (fructose, high fructose corn syrup) cause cavities and tooth decay, though your dentist will never want you to know this, otherwise how is he/she going to refuel his/her range rover sport?
  • Stevia is 300 times stronger than sugar so its cheaper. For a cake that requires one cup of sugar, I use half a teaspoon of stevia, its that good! At Nakumatt they sell 50 satchets for KES 455