Over the last one week or some stanford researchers have released a pseudo study on organics claiming that they were no better than conventional crops. This fake study has been the backbone of several articles on corporation-owned media. Of course this was a psyop to push GMOs and toxic chemicals.

So, what are Organic Foods and how are they different from the rest?

The Difference Between Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and the Inorganic Version – Processing is a big no-no for organics especially for vinegar.

Pest Control

In conventional farms, the normal way to deal with pests is to spray toxic chemical pesticides like methyl iodide which is commonly used on tomatoes, grapes, strawberries to get rid of most pests. Mostr of these chemicals are linked to cancer and several health complications. In organic farming, people use natural ways of dealing with pests that do not invole killing the creatures which most are beneficial. Some organic farmers use biopesticides which are mostly made from normal organic food like cayenne pepper spray is just the pure ground pepper and water and when sprayed to an insect colony, they leave fast, no killing. Garlic spray, aloe vera spray and there are several more sustainable, cheap and non-toxic ways to control pests in the organic farm.

Some people also introduce insects that feed on the other destructive insects which is also a very efficient way to deal with pests, for instance ladybirds are known to eat many predator insects like aphids.

Weed Control

Again, inorganic farmers spray all kinds of toxic chemicals to kill weeds that compete for nutrients with their crop but in organic farming, the solution is to simply use mulching and voila, weeds do not get light and do not germinate. Yes it is that simple, the mulch also add nutrients to the soil and the roots take them up giving you a more nutritious plant. Mulch can be from anything food, organic food, nothing else. Tree leaves also provide a great mulch option especially bamboo leaves which are so nutrituious that pandas feed solely on them.


One core organic farming principle is the ustainable conversion of waste into asset. Cow dung = manure that is almost free and works on almot every crop. Organic waste is also composted and then the compost is also used to fertilize plants cheaply and sustainably, with natural nutrients. We also use foliar fertilizer made from algae found in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Conventional farmers use petrol-based chemicals that inhibit the plants’ ability to absorb nutrients hence giving you a pseudo food.


Organic food is the only food that does not contain GMOs which are also linked to cancer, infertility, brain damage etc so make the mart choice and go for organic stuff by shopping locally. Helthy U shops in major malls also stock plenty organics