Its Monday again and after all the fun you had over the weekend, be it Safaricom 7s, Gor v AFC or Super Sunday in England, you must have the worst hang over which may subsequently roll over to some nasty Monday blues. There is no silver bullet for a hang over or bang over, but there are some certain things you can do to make it more bearable and boost your energy levels sustainably.

  1. Water

More than 80% of your body is water and you lose it constantly via breathing, talking, walking sweating and other metabolic processes but this weekend you most likely lost it due the alcohol and tobacco you put inside of you. Water helps to clear out these toxins and refreshen your inside as well as your outside. A cold shower will also do wonders as the water will help blod vessels to ‘vasoconstrict’ and increase blood circulation and make you feel more ‘alive’.

2.  Food

You need to eat smart, especially when in this kind of situation. The best food, proven by research, is a banana. The instant energy you get from the complex carbs in this all year-round fruit is awesome.  Apples, oranges, berries and avocado also will make your Monday blues go away fast.

Vegetable juices like broccoli, spinach, lettuce will also give you the antioxidant boost to fight off those toxins and you can sweeten the juices with dates, raisins, sultanas, stevia, fruit juice blend.

Nuts and seeds also go well these juices  and the omega in flax, brazil nuts or sesame seeds will do you good.

Alcohol, tobacco and sugar-laden soft drinks also acidify your body, paving way for diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease et al. Wine is safest as most commercial beers have preservatives, additives, sugar and colourings that cause disease and early death. Organic cayenne pepper is a very strong alkaline spice among other health benefits.

3.  Exercise

I know you are exhausted and probably your back side is hurting after sitting on rocks either at the Nyayo or kasarani stadium, not to mention the scorching sun but as the Waswahili say, ‘dawa ya moto ni moto’ or the remedy for fire is fire itself, a direct translation.

You don’t have to run 4 KM like I did this morning, no, just do what your body can withstand. In fact you don’t have to run, just brisk-walk to work, school or wherever, taking deep breaths as oxygen also helps to detox. Sexercise is also great for boosting mood and energy.

4.  Rest

Sleeps is vital in the plight for rejuvinating your systems and sleeping on a flat mattress with a pillow is key to release tension from spine and neck. An average of 8 hours is good. You can also lie down and watch movies all day but make sure you walk around every 90 minutes and improve blood circulation.

5.  Attitude

Your attitude determines your latitude. You need to be cheerful and greatful about life and most importantly live think and act righteously. I strongly believe in holistic health and as you remove toxins from your body, you may also want to remove toxic thoughts from your mind. If someone is hating you for no reason, don’t worry, haters are a good yard stick to measure how well you are doing.