Nature fascinates me dearly, be it the wildebeest migration of the penguins migration, I get very excited learning more about nature and most importantly food. Shea butter is my new BFF, I use it all the time on my skin and I would STRONGLY recommend to anyone and everyone who would like to avoid skin cancer.

Shea butter is a nut butter extracted from the Afrikan Shea Tree that grows mostly in Afrika so it is a natural product but you have to make sure you get the unrefined organic version, I am currently using shea butter from Botswana but I am planning to buy some from Sudan, at Healthy U shops across East Africa. At Galleria Mall it goes for KES 700 for 300 grammes. I know, it seems expensive but the health benefits you derive from this nut butter are heavenly divine.

  • Prevents hair loss. Yes, I have done this myself and I am already seeing a difference.
  • Shea butter is good for all kinds of skin rashes, itches, bites anything and everything.
  • It is a great deodorant. I threw away my aluminium-laden deos and just rub some shea butter in my armpits and smell fresh all day.
  • Great for wounds as I explained in a while back.
  • Prevents and clears stretch marks. I eaves dropped on a convo at the healthy U store and googled it…it is true.
  • One of the best shaving creams I have ever used in my life, but I cheat and double it up with aloe vera soap for that extra smooth feel without any itchy sensations.
  • An excellent mosquito reppellant, just apply some on your head and the mosquitoes will keep off.

Shea butter can also be used in cooking though it is very uneconomical, I would rather cook with wild organic extra virgin coconut oil, which is cheaper and has its great health benefits as well.