So yesterday there was a client who inquired my opinion on the recently launched nivea products that are marketed as healthy, specifically their new lip bum and gloss that is purported to be a healthier alternative. Right from the get go I knew there is nothing to it but I had to do my due diligence so I went to the nivea nakumatt stand to read the ingredients, and also to say hi to the fine mami selling there 🙂 killing two birds with one stone.

It was not long before I saw some ingredient that I could not pronounce and there was my answer. I don’t know about you but to me, Diethanolamine and TriethanolamineI is more than a mouthful. I then went online and searched on how these chemicals used in your day-to-day cosmetics affect your body and the science confirmed my instincts, cosmetics = cancer, that simple! All Most cosmetics have carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds), SCIENTIFIC FACT. Please, do not shoot the messenger, I only convey facts I come by, but most people say I am a health freak, I like to think I have common sense, which we all know is not common. It is nonsensical to use carcinogens in the name of beauty, or a shaving cream, ‘think, it’s not illegal yet’ As Eddie Griffin would say.

Healthier Alternatives

I am a realist, I cannot tell you to stop using your cancerous make up and maybe you want to enhance your looks, which is great, which I also support, but there are sustainable ways to relax your hair or make those lips look shiny, and here are they

  1. Shea Butter

I have talked about this several times and I won’t stop because everyday I see the health benefits myself, of using this natural oil on my skin. It moisturizes my skin all day, as well as drinking plenty water and juices.

2. Olive Oil

I bath with Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil everyday and my skin can never be smoother even supermodels keep asking me how. You can also use it as a natural hair relaxer, conditioner, less the fibroids caused by the highly toxic chemicals you bought the other day.

3. Honey

Raw Organic unheated honey was used in the days of Cleopatra for getting the perfect skin and straightening the tough African hair. The Chinese crushed orange seeds and used them with honey to treat pimples and any other skin blemishes.

4. Coconut Oil

A great alternative to your cancerous skin lotions and get the real stuff, anything organic, extra virgin, cold-pressed is good and make sure the oil is solid in room temperature. It is the healthiest oil for cooking especially for diabetics and also great on skin and hair.

5. Diet and Lifestyle

This is the most effective skin care solution you can ever have because it treats the skin from inside. Personally after I became a health freak, my skin has been glowing ever, very smooth and I NEVER use lotions, sunscreens and bla, no deo, just shea butter coconut oil.

Drinking water, as I mentioned earlier is also key hydrate the skin and there are several more natural alternatives to cancer. Women, this is probably why you get lots of breast cancer, the sustained use of toxic chemicals in the guise of make up, hair treatment and what not, please do yourselves and the society a favor, since  life begins inside of you, quit that cancerous lifestyle and think green, there are many safer alternatives in food and also at Healthy U store in major malls. I know it is a hard choice to make, and probably seems expensive now, but do you want to pay Ksh 100 000 for one injection of chemotherapy, which will also kill you anyway? Tafakari Hayo