Many people will be running for the Sunday marathon which is a fun way to give back to the community be donating money towards avoidable blindness in children. I know you cried like a baby after seeing the emotional ads on TV, so now you signed up for the run but are you doing what it takes to avoid fatigue on Monday? I didn’t think so.

Most of the people I know who are running have not exercised a single bit in the last one year and I can guarantee you they will be the ones carried by the stragglers bus or end up in the first aid tents, or finish the race, and suffer from body aches all week, which is very avoidable, as the saying goes, prior preparation prevent piss-poor performance.

Warm Up

If you are running the 5 KM junior fun race, you need to run the 5 KM at least 5 times before racing. If running the 10 KM, 21 KM or 40 KM, do the same, try it at least five times. Before any exercise you MUST warm up. I always say, working out without a warm up is like sex without foreplay. Warming up is as important as the work out itself.

I have been running almost everyday for the last 3-4 years and I can never start without a nice warm up of at least 20 minutes; starting with something light like dancing to some high tempo  reggae tunes, then building up to something heavy like Abs yoga.

On Di Day, go to Nyayo stadium early. Our race is scheduled to start at 8 A.M So I will be there at 6.30 warming up for one hour, or warm up in my crib just the way I like it, since I live a few minutes from the stadium where there is even a designated section for warming up, make use of it, or else..

Food and Drink

This is most definitely the most important factor towards any sports endeavor. Going by the old adage of ‘We are what we eat’, we should make sure to maintain a balance diet especially the last few days to the race. The superfood in question is beet root which has been proven to improve athletes’ performance naturally, unlike Lance Armstrong’s pills. The scientists from the Exeter University in the U.K claim that the nitrates in beets, as well as celery, cabbage, carrots, spinach, but mostly in beets are the ones responsible for the improved physical ability.

I know beet root is not the most palatable juices and that is why I blend mine into a smoothie together with carrot juice, almond milk and sweet bananas. Today I will do beets, celery, apples and Apple Cider Vinegar-Macerated dates.