I love boobs, I really do, they provide the most important meal to you, in the most delicate times in your life, as an infant. Apparently most doctors don’t like boobs, they chop them off at the drop of a hat, just because they found a small tumor or they make the tumor bigger using radiation, they call it mammography so they sound smart but it is simply radiation to give you cancer so the ensure repeat business, welcome to capitalism 101, topic; Big Pharma Billions in Cancer ‘treatment’, remember they convince you that there is no cure, but treatment, again, repeat business.

That brings me to my first point in this sequel,

1. Avoid the hospital, especially cancer screening

Most of the time breast cancer screening is wrong, according to a Norwegian study  and it is simply because the breast cancer industry is one of the most profitable in the world, cancer is like oil to big pharma. The hospital is one of the most toxic areas in this earth, viruses, resistant bacteria, chemicals to try kill the resistant bacteria, bad food, bad water, and of course, misinformed ‘doctors’ who think drugs are the solution to health problems. Oh they also happen to make a lot of money off your pain and misery so you should not go to the hospital unless of course you need stitches.

Radiation does cause cancer and if you expose human tissue to radiation, toxins every year, best believe they will find that cancer, and then they will blast you with higher doses of radiation and/or highly toxic chemo drugs which cost KES 100 000 per injection. Applying pressure on soft tissue is not cool, especially 100 KGs of pressure. Dr Leonard Coldwell explains this very well in the video.

2. Exercise

Regular physical activity is vital for optimum health. Previously I thought working out was responsible for a small fraction of good health but as I read more research articles I learn that exercise is very important for longevity, good immune and lymph system. Walking is the simplest and easy to integrate in your lifestyle even if you are too busy for something like a morning run or yoga with loads of meditation which are my best work outs, which I mostly do outside, nature makes it so much better. A swim is good if it is in the ocean but normal commercial swimming pools are too toxic, the chlorine  promotes cancer, period. You can get Eco-friendly cleaner like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and more online.

3. Positivity, Consciousness

Dr Leonard Coldwell, the doctor with the highest success rate in cancer treatment of 92.3%, claims that most disease including breast cancer is caused largely by stress, research suggesting 86% and the rest comes from poor diet & sedentary lifestyle full of toxic products everyday.

Avoid stressful situations, jobs, businesses and simply do this by following your passion. Believe in karma, and be on the good side of her, give to the poor, and you will receive 10 times as much.  Enjoy some laughs, go out and meet new people, cook new stuff if you are a foodie, visit new places, it is very therapeutic. If someone has wronged you, forgive him/her and let karma act on them, trust me, karma never disappoints, what goes around comes around.