Food is tied to ALL bodily functions and yes our reproductive health too. There are certain foods that can directly act as aphrodisiacs, lubricants, performance enhancers and more. I was shocked to hear that most people nowadays rely on toxic chemical drugs to ‘boost’ libido and to solve erectile dysfunction but none has ever mentioned the use of your day-to-day spices to spice up your love life.

First things first, it all comes down to diet and lifestyle choices. Most men nowadays eat highly processed genetically modified foods that lack nutrients and on top of that, they do not exercise but drink alcohol and smoke tobacco all week, the same applies to many women and hence the dependence on ‘performance enhancers’. If you want to enhance your performance the ONLY way to do that is eating healthy and exercising almost everyday. You know yourself, you enzoy-buyer, that ishh will kill you fast!

Beet Root Juice

Beetroot is well known for it’s stamina-boosting qualities and adding some nice carrots and/or apples to the mix makes it very tasty especially when you get the fresh veg and juice them yourself. Many clients always ask me of foods that can help them last longer in bed and this is your best bet, you will never need that enzoy or viagra. In fact beetroot has been proven to have the same effect as viagra, of course less the side effects so drink more beets!

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne helps to improve circulation of blood and if you paid attention in biology class, you can recall that an erection is simply blood flowing from the brain to the you-know-what, another reason why men don’t think when aroused hahahaha.


Studies have told us that this mineral is quintessential for a healthy reproductive system. Get more zinc from pumpkin seeds and the pumpkin itself, beans, beef and lamb, especially lamb since it is almost impossible to factory farm sheep, always going to be free-range and pasture-fed.

Nutmeg (KukaManga)

This is not new to you, yes? And science has proven that it is indeed the best libido booster especially for women. Just sprinkle some on her foor or secretely brew it in her coffee/tea and you’ll see ;-). Nutmeg also has other anti-depressant properties and a good chunk of erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems like stress and depression, so do the math.

BTW, mild use of this spice does not necessarily boost your sexual desire so you can use small quantities to spice up your food, I love it in my ndengu (mung bean) stew.


This is a herb that has been used for millenia, not only for its medicinal qualities but also for its aphrodisiac benefits, which have been clinically proven. Scientists have not yet learned how exactly the herb boost men’s libido and poerformance but some speculate it is the saponins. The herb also boosts testesterone which is a hormone linked to sex hormones, and if you want to build muscle fast, the natural way, you can never go wrong with Fenugreek which is available in Nakumatt and Healthy u stores around major malls in East Africa.


The lube sold at your chemist is toxic and cancerous period. I don’t know about you, use organic cold pressed oils as lube, e.g. coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, which are natural and may even boost your chances of conception, as research has shown that toxic chemical lubes interfere with reproduction, some killing off the sperm before it reaches the Fallopian tubes. Honey is also a sweet alternative, If you know what am saying 😉


Chocolate is one very strong aphrodisiac

Strawberries and pineapples help boost libido and make sure vaginal and penal secretions smell and/or taste better, for those who are down with oral sex. Drinking water also helps alot. Abuse of Alcohol and tobacco does the opposite of this! Read more here