I could not resist fresh broccoli at the market yesterday so I decided to inculcate it in my meals today and sauteing will be the method of preparation. Broccoli is one of the healthiest cruciferous veggies out there and that is probably why it is one of the most expensive, I got this one for KES 40, believe me, that is expensive in my neck of the woods, on market day.

To saute simply means sweat the veggies while tossing them a little over medium heat. You can use some little oil (peanut/sunflower) but I will be using the extra curry from my lentil curry. This adds flavour in beyond your wildest dreams.

Step One

Chop the broccoli

Step Two

Heat your stainless steel frying pan, add some little oil

Step Three

Add the broccoli and toss every 20 seconds

Step Four

Toss is a little to ensure it mixes well, you can also use a wooden spoon to stir but tossing is so gangsta

Cook for 2 minutes and then serve