Most Kenyans drink tea and coffee in the morning, loaded with refined sugar, coupled with heavily processed bread from refined flours. This type of breakfast ideally has no nutrients and that is why in two hours your brain will signal your body to crave for food since you barely had some for breakfast. Most kenyans will then drink more cups of tea/coffee at 10 A.M., loaded with refined cancerous sugar, this time with a cake, again baked with processed flours and sugar that have no nutrients and are bleached with very toxic chemicals, or with bread, spread with margarine, AND YOU WONDER WHY THERE IS AN EPIDEDMIC OF CANCER, DIABETES AND OBESITY.

It does not stop now, for lunch, the typical kenyan will have genetically modified potatoes fries fried in geneticaly modified synthetic vegetable oil (no vegetables were hurt in making the vegetable oil). They will wash it down with a coke or afia (which is loaded with synthetic sweeteners, preservatives). In the evening they will eat bleached white rice and beef stew with no vegetables at all, hence the rampant constipation in our lavatories. Some of them will drink beer, laden with high fructose corn syrup, an artificial cancerous sweetener.

How To Quit Sugar

The best way to get rid of an addiction is simply replacing it with a better sustainable addiction.

  • Unrefined Cane Sugar is the best alternative and available at nakumatt galleria and Healthy U Galleria & The Junction. You can also import it if you have the connections.
  • Stevia. I used to buy it at nakumatt galleria but they stopped selling it  though am still searching for a source, will update blog when I find it, if I find it.
  • Honey, is great but not just any honey, get the organic honey from your local suppliers or but Kitui Organic honey at the supermarket.
  • Doing exercise will also help you detox the sugar already logged in your body, especially the colon. Exercise also helps you to avoid cravings especially sugar cravings.
  • Eat more sweet fruits and fruit juice to humble your sweet tooth, I drink yatta grape juices not only for the high dosage of vitamin C, but also for the soluble fibre that helps my digestion very much.
  • Drink more spring water and store it in a glass container or buy a BPA-free plastic bottle like me from nakumatt galleria. Avoid tap water which contains toxic chlorides, flourides and other stuff that will just ride your immune system to the grave.

Quitting sugar is a very hard task but I managed it in a few months and so can you, I can assure you that my energy levels are higher, I am smarter, stronger, happier and very disease-free.