I have been sampling this amazing superfood, Spirulina and the results have been better than expected. I have more energy, sleep better and most importantly it kind of makes me feel happy and excited. I had a minor injury in my mouth from biting myself (this is what happens when you eat good food hehehe) but seriously the inflammation stopped in very fast, no surprise if you understand the anti-inflammatory properties of spirulina .

Spirulina (1)

  1. Spirulina with organic cayenne pepper, natural salt and warm water is awesome because cayenne acts as a catalyst and makes the plethora of nutrients and minerals in this concoction to work better. Just imagine how great is that!
  2. My mother juiced some pineapples and watermelon, then I added spirulina and raw unrefined cane sugar, aloe vera gel (which I extracted myself, you can easily extract aloe vera gel yourself) and it was bliss.
  3. I also sprinkle half a teaspoon of this micro algae on my food, then I add cayenne to mask the taste and boost nutrient absorption.
  4. Today I will try a smoothie with soymilk some red grape juice and bananas and let you knowFeel free to leave a comment or question and I will be more than happy to keep the conversation going.