It is that time of the year when Kenyans overindulge on food and imbibe on froth so much that usually leads to more frequent visits to the toilet a.k.a diarrhea as well as other health complications. I know the nyama choma is irresistible but there are a few precautions you could take that will save you the excruciating pain of trying to pass +2 KGs of crap through your bowel.


Water is life, simple and most of the people are not having enough of this purifying liquid (around 2 litres a day). Tap water is hell and avoid it if you can. Buy legitimate bottled mineral water. Personally I trust Keringet and Waba. Fetch water in an Afrikan gourds from up-country and bring to your home, especially you have a health condition


Both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are key to a good digestive system. Get larger doses of

garnished with a celery stalk
garnished with a celery stalk

soluble fiber by juicing fruit and veg combinations like; Apple + celery + cucumber, Carrot + Kales + Pineapples, Broccoli + Orange + mango. Yatta red grape juice is also a good source for resveratrol, a compound found in red grapes and peanuts that is known for increasing longevity among other outstanding health benefits.

For the insoluble fiber eat plenty of whole fruit and veggies. I like traditional vegetables more because most of them grow wildly, organically and are very nutritious. I will post a simple recipe for sauteing these indigenous vegetables (mboga za kienyeji) in peanut/sunflower oil and some broth of sorts << gets rid of the bitterness especially in managu (solanum).


Exercise, exercise and more exercise. I cannot overemphasize on the vitality of vigorous activity. It helps build the immune system, helps flush out toxins via sweat and panting. Exercise also triggers your brain to release that feel-good hormone, dopamine and that is why most people who work out on a reg tell you that they feel so good, happy and stress free. Exercise also great for the digestive system so you won’t ‘drive’.


By now you guys understand how much I love this superfood which I consume everyday. It will definitely help with those nasty hangovers or bangovers hehehe