Most people on this planet eat a myriad of heavily refined inorganically grown foods (white rice, packet ugali, pasta candy) coupled with and 24-7 exposure to toxic chemicals (soda, cosmetics, household cleaners, flourinated water) the net effect being a very acidic body or acidosis. The ideal pH is around 7.3 but after an onslaught acidifying foods and lack of alkaline foods, acidosis is rampant and probably caused the rise in cancer rates and other nasty lifestyle diseases like peptic ulcers.

Yes your body needs a balance of acidifying and alkalizing foods but mostly the latter. Curb your intake of animal products, processed foods, food additives, soda and you will reduce the acidity in your body, making you healthier, leaner and smarter. Remember that chemicals, especially those found in soda make people more stupid by disrupting brain function, interfering with the learning process and blurring your memory.

Alkalizing Foods

Virtually all leafy green veggies are alkaline in nature and will benefit your body by a large extent given the other plethora of nutrients and phytochemicals found in greens like broccoli, kale, swiss chard, collard greens. Traditional veggies or bitter herbs are my new ‘in thing’ and I cook them everyday, be it managu, terere, saga, mto, kunde, I love them all.

Cucumbers, celery, cayenne pepper, avocado, walnuts, almonds, hemp seeds, beet root, spirulina, molasses, lemon (might be acidic in nature but when consumed it has an alkalizing effect), stevia, baking soda, raw organic honey, green tea, legumes like lentils and the alkaline-food list is endless.

Acidifying foods that you need to avoid are soda, tea & coffee, sugar, table salt (use natural salt from Himalayas). Generally all forms of alcohol but wine is a better option due to the antioxidants and resveratrol. Tobacco, processed cheese, white bread, white rice etc


Brain function and development is determined by the foods our mothers ate while pregnant and the regular Kenyan diet is low in brain boosting nutrition; omega 3 fats from fish or better yet spirulina, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds are simply not there in most people’s diets, hence the rampant lack of common sense among our people << probably why our leaders clowns like sonko and waititu engage in very stupid activities like punching metals and walls.

Vitamin E is also widely known for it’s benefits around brain health and almonds, avocado, spinach, kales, broccoli & olive oil are some of the best sources of this rare vitamin, vis-a-vis diets of majority of the people. You can make this easier and get some spirulina which is the best source of natural vitamin E (DO NOT BUY SUPPLEMENTS).

Sugar is the biggest cause of stupidity and boy don’t people abuse it. First of all refined sugar is stripped off more than 90% of the nutrients to make it commerce-friendly (It has longer shelf life and more attractive to the eye when processed). The sugar is then treated with bleach to make it more white and more cancerous too. Sugar also comes in many forms like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners like those in diet soda, commercial sausages e.t.c. Fruits also have some sugars which can be harmful to the body so don’t eat too much fruits, eat too much veg!