We went to Amaica a few days ago for a family lunch and being the blogger I am, I just had to take many pictures and share with you my thoughts on the whole experience. First of all it is very hard to find the restaurants as there are many small signs on electric posts but no directions whatsoever, note the fact that my dad is a cartographer (map-maker) and I had Google maps on my phone but we still took some time to find the restaurant, of course not a very good start.

amaica 3

Pricey Food

When we finally arrived we found some nice food simmering and was informed that there was no a la carte menu but a only a buffet worth KES 1500. We were a team of 8, do the math. Anyway we decide to give it a shot and served ourselves starting with the oxtail soup as an appetizer which I thought was the star of the day due to the lightness and heat from the hint of cayenne, yum.oxtail soup

Personally I don’t like buffets because too much flavors overwhelm your palette and that is what exactly happened that day. There was too much to choose from and I did not have the time and space to eat 4 or 5 courses but some food tasted nice, namely the chapati and the beef stew, everything else to me was not working.

amaica 2

The ugali wimbi and ugali mahindi was great but the mchicha was very overcooked, dark, soft < no texture at all, I like my veggies bright green and crunchy, that is gourmet, not mushy veg and don’t get me started on the lamb chops that were very very garlicky I could not even finish.

Service and Ambiance

Service was great and near-perfect and the ambiance really gave me an African feeling that was very much there. The setting is very cool and calm and the lounges inside are also exquisite and perfect for business meetings or just private time with some peeps; If only they invested in getting the food to the same quality then it would be better for everyone. They should also hunt for more professional chefs who have a gourmet background, because those chefs I talked to there did not sound very gourmet to me… I mean, how do you serve raw green, red and yellow peppers and call it a salad, really?? It almost made me throw up

Gourmet sio?
Gourmet sio?

The wild mushrooms tasted bad, so did the chicken which had some Indian spices (why Indian marinades while you can go to Mombasa for Inspiration, Google Chicken Biryani marinade). Further, the restaurant was originally a Luhya themed so you would expect good kienyeji (free range) chicken, not. the case.


My objective rating is a flat 4/10 simply because the food did not taste that good and the price was way high given the quality of the food.

I would still go to the restaurant again just because I appreciate the African theme, we had some good family time but I have to eat from the A La Carte menu. Have you ever eaten at Amaica, what was your experience like?

amaica moi