Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” ~ Albert Einstein

This is one of my fav Einstein quotes and is very relevant to our day to day. What he basically was saying is that you MUST question authority, which is what this blog does very frequently especially with regards to the human body and what we put in it or around it.

Some nutritionists will easily tell you that the nutrients in food are not enough and that you need to buy expensive

Pic courtesy of some website who probably stole it somewhere.
Pic courtesy of some website who probably stole it somewhere.

supplements from privately-owned for-profit companies that manufacture stuff like cinnamon extract, or spirulina tablets. From the beginning, I always knew there is something wrong in items like cayenne pepper tablets since I cannot season my food with them so I researched  Googled and as my instincts told me, independent research proves that supplementation is not healthy, as a matter of fact, this new study on calcium supplementation actually indicates that supplements even cause cardiovascular complications.

Natural Sources of Calcium

My mother was sometimes back diagnosed with arthritis but having a great Dr Gichini (who only prescribes organic foods, herbs and spices as medicine) and the Healthy Chef on your corner, most diseases don’t stand a chance. The Doctor supplies us with organic stuff like tumeric (no tumeric tablets, the real stuff), cayenne pepper, cinnamon, wild green tea and many more which he grows himself or buys from certified organic farmers, at very reasonable prices. My role is to hack for more tasty ways to get more of these good stuff on your diet. The spice that seems to work best is star anise infused with green tea (Will blog recipe), sweetened with raw cane sugar/honey or just taken as is. She also tells me that spirulina also works miracles.

I also help get toxins out of the home; commercial soaps, aluminium cookware, all purpose cleaners (replace with hot water +baking soda, lemon, real vinegar), frozen foods, supplements especially calcium supplements which I found a while ago and got me to research on more natural sources of calcium, heck there are even 40 vegan sources of calcium since most natural healers strongly advocate for a more plant-based diet. Don’t get me started on multi-vitamins, one of the worst marketing gimmick, if you want vitamins, eat vegetables or better yet have spirulina powder, 1 gram is equal to 1 kilogram of nutrients in organic vegetables.

Vitamin D Pills or Sunlight & Salmon?

I just moved last weekend and the most major thing that influenced my choice of apartments is a balcony facing the west, so I could busk every evening and enjoy the sunset as well as get more immune-boosting vitamin D onto me. That is how I value real estate; access to east and/or west sides of the earth since morning and evening time is when the UV rays are least, Oh I of course I could never touch sunscreen with a ten foot pole.

I also like my salmon pan-seared then oven-roasted, grilled, poached, a la plancha, sous-vide, braised even raw in sushi and I would never trade that for a pill that says it has more vitamin D that what God intended to be available in sunlight, hemp seeds, spirulina, oily fish, shiitake mushrooms, organic eggs, raw milk, parmagiano-reggiano (one of the best cheeses made from raw milk). So the obvious answer to this question is a no-brainer, eat food and you will be very healthy. Personally I NEVER take supplements or tablets of any kind and I can never be healthier. I extract the aloe vera gel myself and juice it with natural spirulina powder together with organic bananas, organic soy/almond and fruit juice << one very tasty green smoothie, or add some raw unrefined cane sugar to bring it together, yum.