Arthritis is simply inflammation that affects the joints and’or bone system. My mother was diagnosed with it a few months ago though she is managing it quite well, using natural foods only, no drugs. The most common theory is this; Most elderly women have this kind of ailment since the hormone estrogen is no longer produced in good quantity. The hormone plays a key role in calcium absorption and when in low quantity, the bones become weak.

1. Star Anise & Green Tea

I begin with this fragrant spice since it is documented to be one of the best bet against arthritis and one day my mum

star aniseed
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woke up feeling dizzy and after drinking the star anise-infused green tea, she immediately started feeling much better. Simply steep the star anise and green tea bag in simmering water and brew for 20 minutes If using wild organic green tea. If using commercial green tea, steep it as written in directions but simmer star anise for 20 minutes.

2. Moringa & Lemon

Moringa is a superfood that contains a minefield of nutrients great for boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation hence arthritis pain. Lemon is an amazing ingredient that will make the moringa taste much better. The vitamin C in lemon is also a strong antioxidant that’s darn good for ya.

Just warm a cup of water, add some dried moringa leaf powder, squeeze in some lemon juice and garnish with some lemon zest. You can add drien stinging nettle powder, some natural salt and pure ground cayenne pepper to make it heavenly divine. We call it the MTCN (Moringa, Thabai, Cayenne & Natural Salt).

3. Spirulina

With over 100 nutrients in bulk form, this superfood helps in several ailments including arthritis. Over the December holidays, I introduced my mother to spirulina and now she takes it everyday, saying it is helping her very much. Personally I use it almost everyday with some cayenne and natural salt or just sprinkled on food together with some cayenne to mask the not-so-pleasing-but-aqcuried taste of spirulina

4. Cayenne Pepper

This herb/spice is one of the best things on this planet. It is so alkalizing and hence helps prevent most diseases. It also acts as a catalysts and makes other nutrients work faster better and for that reason I use it alongside other superfoods, spices and herbs. The best is organic cayenne powder which I can get for you or call Dr. Gichini in Town 0722 867 324.

5. Exercise

Regular physical activity boosts immune function and also strengthens joints and bones helping arthritis patients. Exercise also makes you feel good as it releases the feel-good hormone dopamine.

6. Stress

Stress is responsible for more than 86% of diseases and simply avoiding it will make you much healthier. Then again the high calorie low nutrient diet that most people eat is stressful so you have to get that ying yang balance.

7. Oil

Vegetable oil is a fake, have you ever seen an oily a cabbage? These oils are made synthetically in the lab to mimic the structure of vegetables but are just chemicals very toxic to your body, I would n’t touch it with a barge pole.

Simply use unrefined extra virgin oils, preferably organic ones like coconut oil for meat, beans, lentils, stews. Peanut oil for chapati and frying stuff. Olive oil for dressing salads and on skin. Avocado oil for skin care as well as shea butter which is technically an oil pressed from the Afrikan shea tree.

8. Whole Foods

Whole food like brown rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds are great in maintaining a healthy body. Refined empty foods like commercial bread, white flour, white rice all are bleached with toxins and lack nutrients to support a healthy human life.