I have recently been learning more baking recipes and I am now very excited to share with you my latest hack in the kitchen, some almond-chickpea (chickpea flour is gram flour) cookies. I got inspiration from Chef Marcus Samuelsson and of course added my

gluten free cookie

signature upon it, a health boost. I just switched the brown sugar with raw unrefined cane sugar and used a free range organic egg instead of a genetically engineered organisms. FYI, brown sugar is just normal refined cancerous sugar that has been added some molasses, insignificant to improve the nutrition of the sugar.

I also used some cinnamon since I have very fresh organic pure ground cinnamon and some natural salt so it is quite a healthy snack. The only ingredient that makes me feel a bit guilty is the butter but it does make the cookies taste heavenly divine plus the butter provide some leavening. You may switch the butter with some unrefined peanut or raw sesame seed oil but I don’t know how that will turn out. So without further adieu let’s start baking

  1. Mix one cup (about 200 ml) of almond flour (available at Healthy U shops) with 1 cup chickpea flour (or gram flour available at nakumatt and other supermarkets).
  2.  Add 1/2 cup softened unsalted butter and start mixing with a fork. Then add 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup raw cane sugar (depending on your taste – am a sweet-tooth so I use a lot)
  3. Separate yolk from white, beat it and then mix yolk into the dough. Add 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence and one tablespoon of cinnamon.
  4. Mix in the salt and knead slowly until a soft dough forms, about 5 minutes. (It is crucial to knead for some time, don’t be impatient and try adding some moisture since the dough at first is slightly hard)
  5. Cover and leave the dough to rest. Most chefs ignore this step but it is very vital for the flavors to mingle. Patience pays.
  6. Grease your baking pan with some unrefined peanut oil or any oil and sprinkle some whole maize flour < another vital step otherwise the cookies will stick.
  7. Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius  and bake for 10 -14 minutes. Every oven is different. Sometimes even in the same oven the environment is different; humidity, temperature and stuff so make sure you don’t blink while watching the cookies.
  8. Cool on a cooling rack for 30 minutes and then cover and leave them to rest. I find they always taste better the next morning after being stored in a cold oven, yuuuuuum