Another eureka moment in the kitchen people, this time it is all about flames! I just had the best broccoli in my life thanks to smirnoff vodka. No I don’t drink but I do use alcohol in my cuisine and today it was just amazing.

A word of CAUTION though, flambe means fire and fire is risky business. Unless you have actually executed a flambe before, please do follow instructions and bew close to a fire extinguisher. With that said, it is quite easy and a great way to bring out flavor in food as that is the work of the alcohol.

The Saute

Borrowed from French, means to kind sweat the food, and release its own juices, with the help of a little bit moisture from the unrefined peanut oil and beef stock.

  • First you heat the frying pan over medium-high flame and add some peanut/sunflower oil.
  • Add some onion (preferably chopped ringwise for best texture) and toss once toss twice.
  • Introduce the chopped broccoli (chopped 10 minutes prior to release anti-cancer compounds) and cook for 30 seconds.
  • Toss gently or stirwith a wooden spoon then add some little stock, (you can use broth from a stew or worst case use water).

The Flambee

  • Now add 2 table spoons of vodka using a spoon or the lid of the bottle (never pour alcohol directly to a flaming pot, FIRE HAZARD – Most chefs overlook this procedure)
  • Tilt the pan slightly away from you so that the flame from the cooker enter the frying pan and there you have your flambee.
  • Leave to flame away in like 5 seconds.
  • Season with natural salt and little freshly ground black pepper
  • Toss and cook 1 minutes or til slighlty less crunchy when pricked by a fork.
  • Leave to rest 2 minutes
  • I had it with pan-roasted potatoes and curried lentils

broccoli flambe