My healthy cuisine utilizes a wide range of ingredients, not commonly found in the typical kitchen or supermarket, stuff like xanthan gum, quinoa, organic chocolate, or star anise will not make an appearance in most any of the eateries in Kenya. So I decided to do some profiles of these alien ingredients and help you work with them easier. Star Anise takes number one simply because of the amazing health benefits it brings about. A few days ago I mentioned star anise in a post about arthritis but today we’s get into more detail. Yes Star anise relieve arthritis pain almost instantly especially when brewed together with some green tea.



Just bring to boil 3 cups of water and steep the green tea bag and reduce to low heat. Now steep 3-4 star anise friut pods with seeds and simmer for 10 minutes. Sweeten with blackstrap molasses, raw organic honey or raw unrefined cane sugar.


Most commercial flu drugs have some star anise albeit a synthetic version that will not work like the real ting. The shikimic acid in this fruit pod and seeds is invaluable to your sinuses and rest of anatomy.

Spice it Up

Star anise is a strong fragrant flavor that makes food so uniquely tasty. I like using it in rice thought it is more of an acquired taste. I saw Gordon Ramsay use it in a braised pork recipe and iron Chef batali also used in some sauce with coconut milk and some other stuff, yes I am addicted to the food network, my best show being the Iron Chef.

Star anise is also great for digestory tract issues such as bloating as well as other numerous health benefits.