We need a food revolution. Ever since the colonialist came into Afrika, we have lost touch with our rich culture, heritage and our tasty and nutritious cuisine has been replaced by western crap like pureed peas-buerre blanc-chateau potatoes and deep fried potatoes, genetically modified potatoes, not heirloom breeds indigenous to Afrika. We seem to be losing the battle to fast foods, we are losing touch with our wimbi ugali, our mrenda and osuga are slowly disappearing giving way to farmed veg which are sprayed with all kinds of toxins in the name of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, it’s just suicide and mass genocide. I like eating wild vegetables like osuga (managu), terere, kahurura, stinging nettle, stuff that grows in the wild pack more nutrients and are never sprayed or farmed with commercial fertilizers.

Utalii college, Top chefs all advocate for Eurocentric cuisine, very very little talk about foods our grandmothers used to take to the mau mau in to fight for freedom, most chefs adore the French cuisine that does not focus on the nutritious quality of food rather the sophistication. Although some restaurants like Amaica are trying to showcase the Kenyan traditional food, I felt they fell short on quality. When cooked right, traditional foods like mchicha, matoke taste amazing.

Healthy Alcohol

Our nutritious brews have been replaced with the colonialists’ beer and liquour; Muaratina is indeed healthy as is made with fruit, honey and fermented foods are great for a healthy gut. You all know I don’t drink alcohol but I have no problem with someone enjoying his or her drink, I would just like it to be chang’aa, yes the real chang’aa like konyagi or wasabi, or better yet bamboo wine, not commercial beers and drinks that are full of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and other additives. Don’t get me started on the ‘sisters of death’ episode of ARVs and morgue embalming chemicals in you favorite brandy or cane. That is DEATH in a drink.

Start The Revolution and Eat African Today

So I want you to eat something Afrocentric today. Something like kienyeji chicken, mukimo and managu or simply matoke (plantains from Kampala are now in season – will post a matoke recipe, maybe later today). Instead of that coffee and bread, try some wimbi porridge with blanched yellow fleshed sweet potatoes. Bread is cancerous as well as anything that is made with refined wheat flour, a blog post for another day.

Something like fish, whole maize ugali and organic kale. (get organic vegetable every Saturday at organic farmer’s market at Talisman restaurant in Karen and Kula corner restaurant in Hurlingham.

Margarine can kill turkeys in 10 days, throw away that crap, use butter if it is baking, or even a unrefined peanut/sesame oil. Honey anyone? But ensure you get local organic raw honey, most commercial brands heat the honey and even add sugar and preservatives, SMH

Instead of cancerous refined sugar, use sukari ngutu or molasses, honey, raw unrefined cane sugar, palm sugar, stevia (a herb-based sweetener 300 times stronger than normal sugar).  Sugar is cancer and even causes erectile dysfunction; the main reason why most men have to get drunk to sustain an erection for a substantial amount of time. Sugar and lack of exercise is making our women turn to dildos because most men cannot do the job. Just try removing refined sugar from your diet and boost your natural levels of testosterone, and see how much longer you can last in bed. Also avoid processed meats like bacon, ham, hot dogs, they are filled with sodium nitrite which messes your body in more than 50 ways.

Ladies: Cleopatra was Hot and Never Used Mascara

Instead of commercial cosmetics, use organic extra virgin coconut oil (available at healthy U KES 595 per litre) BTW my friend told me she had bad skin and organic extra virgin coconut oil made it great. The difference is amazing. I also use it when I get injured when running nini nini. Shea butter is also amazing as well as extra virgin olive oil

Back in the day, Egyptian royalty did not have access to the toxic chemicals in the modern lady’s hand bag. Everything was natural, hair was treated with honey, olive oil; skin was treated with avocado, cucumber and spring water. Bathing in water boiled in Rosemary is another miraculous skin care strategy. In fact let me star boiling mine, peace