Eating healthy and exercise sleep in the same bed. You CANNOT separate them. Some of my clients especially weight management clients always try to cheat this by trying to eat healthy and not exercise regularly. Those who combine this well lose weight much faster, easier and are much more happy and vibrant than those who do not listen to me. Yes vigorous exercise like jogging actually triggers your feel good hormones and makes you happier and more positive, less stress. In fact around 50% of your health and immunity is contributed by exercise. I am living proof, I have been exercising on a reg, for the last 4 or 5 years consistently (average of 5 days a week), swimming, jogging, walking, yoga, skipping and many more; I can’t recall the last time I was sick, not even a cold. I do not get headaches, my breath is always smelling good even first thing in the morning.

I might sound like am bragging but I just want to share with you how GREAT being healthy is. Waking up at 4 A.M full of energy, full of life. I use to have rashes, pimples but now my skin is so smooth, ladies ask me all the time what is my ‘secret’ = Extra virgin coconut oil. Wow this post was about my new gym but it its what it is…

Natural Remedy For Backache

I had a mild backache the day before yesterday, because of bad posture but now I have adjusted my seating position and a few health adjustments also made the pain go away in a flash.

  • First I upped the ante with regards to drinking mint tea which is known for it’s strong pain-relieving qualities among other health benefits.
  • Second I did some yoga for upper back which helped a lot as well as meditation.
  • I also rubbed some extra virgin coconut oil which also helped
  • Next I joined a nearby gym which was the best thing since I was guided by a trainer who showed me the best work out for my pain.
  • I then went and had a cold shower then drank iced mint tea and slep for 3 hours, pain gone