Most people think like a herd of sheep.  We Kikuyus, we Luos, We women, we we we… Many say that Kikuyus are good businessmen, others say they are thieves, A smart man will let you know that there are delectable kikuyu businessmen as well as serious no joke thugs like that Mungiki dude, so my point is everyone is different in DNA, thinking capacity and reasoning, some absolutely lack the last two. This would seem obvious but remember common sense is not common

What is a Revolution

Simply put, revolting is saying NO to the status quo that sees the rich oppressing the poor. A revolution is saying no to stupid and useless politicians who have no interest but to fill their big bellies with our tax funds. Most of these folks campaigning do not even live where they are seeking votes, how can you manage a country while in the hague, or in your Nairobi suburban home while the people are on the ground hustling?

Political Revolution

Be the revolution and vote wisely. Look for issues, not tissue, which is what most these politricksters are about, full of shit, ati I will build 25  industrial parks…have you ever built even one all those years you have been eating our sweat like a parasite? Personally I do not vote because I don’t believe in the system and I also despise long queues, any queues for that matter. Am not saying people should not vote, but if you are voting please choose wisely.

Health Revolution

I want you to boycott all conventional hospitals, clinics, chemists and pharmacists. Pharmaceuticals cause 2450% more than gun related deaths in America alone and America is a very gunny country, according to Masta Ace on his record, he says in some Brooklyn hoods you can buy a gun at every corner. Serious, legal prescription drugs are expensive and kill more people than illegal drugs. This sounds crazy but I can pull it off, my mother just did it, beat arthritis with nature; Star anise, cayenne pepper, green tea, fish, sesame seeds…a blog post for another day.

I have witnessed people curing skin cancer with wheatgrass, I have helped clients lower blood pressure within hours using beet root juice. It is possible people, food cures everything what these doctors say is incurable.

Simple stuff like sunlight go a very very long way. Dr Leonard Coldwell, the nature-centric practitioner with the highest cancer cure rate in the world, simply tells his skin cancer patients to seat in the sun the whole day, of course without sun screen which causes cancer in and of itself.

Mind Revolution

The most important rebellious action you can do today is switch off your TV. Yes, that box is the devil, there is a reason why it is called PROGRAMMING, they program you and brain washe you into getting addicted to stuff like white rice, soda, ‘soya’ meat (which are very cancerous) and useless shows like ‘reality’ shows which mislead you into believing in a false reality. I can’t stand someone talking about any reality show unless it is educative like discovery channel, national geographic, KBC documentaries. Crap like sijui T.I, and mob wives is just senseless. The same goes for soap operas and Naija movies, very delusional.

I seldom watch Tell-Lie-Vision, I mostly watch food shows that educate me like Iron Chef America, ecofriendly shows like mazingira on k24, and of course some football which I watch very moderately, like today I can’t miss the Milan – Barcelona game InshAllah, but that’s it. Try out CNBC Africa and learn more on how this beautiful continent is growing. Most of my free time I read books, meditate, exercise, theatre and enjoy some tetrahydrocannabinol, brain food…maybe that is why my IQ is over 150 now and I am in the best shape of my life 😀