Another well known man dies in hospital while undergoing ‘cancer treatment’. Note that all those who died recently died after visiting the hospital, Maathai, Michuki, Karume and now Kivuitu. Clearly there is something wrong in the hospitals, don’t you think?

Cancer is not bad, Cancer treatment is Horror

Your conventional doctor is brain-washed into believing that cancer is incurable and the only thing they can do is blast you with radiation or sell you ridiculously expensive drugs in the name of chemo, so they can buy big cars and luxury homes.

Several independent studies have shown that chemo damages all cells including healthy ones and sunsequently, this accelerates growth of tumors. This is why people get diagnosed with cancer die within months if not weeks once they begin this inhumane practice called conventional medicine.

Cancer = Profit

Curing cancer using the more than 400 scientifically verified natural cures is not profitable. Everyone can grow their garlic, wheatgrass, hemp…but nobody can make busilvex, only big pharma and then sell it to you at KES 50k per dosage.

In America alone, cancer treatment, not prevention and cure, is worth more than USD 300 billion. Tafakari hayo

Foods That Help Prevent & Cure Cancer 

1. Spirulina & Chlorella
2. Hemp in all its forms: bud, seeds, leaves, roots and hemp seed oil
3. Sunlight exposure
4. Garlic
5. Ginger
6. Cayenne pepper
7. Veggies and their juices: broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, managu, terere
8. Coconut oil, milk, water, flour
9. Blueberries
10. Bicarbonate of soda
11. Wheatgrass

The list is endless

Need not to mention that the ingredients above need to be organically produced.

Lifestyle Changes that Beat Cancer

1. Regular exercise
2. Yoga
3. Reiki
4. Meditation
5. Avoiding stress
6. Drink less (preferably wine or natural alcohol lile busaa and muratina and do not smoke tobacco
7. Go outside and enjoy life, meet new people, do new stuff everyday
8. Do not watch t.v the commercials n soaps woll brain wash you into drinking soda n other crap
9. Read
10. Live and let live