Gluten is a protein found in the wheat products you eat everyday in bread, chapati, mandazi, samosa, cakes and today more Kenyans are being diagnosed with gluten allergies/intolerance due to this blind adoption of westernized cuisine.

Further modern wheat has been genetically modified and sprayed with all kinds of toxic chemicals. On top of that it has been refined and bleached so you can imagine how unhealthy it is to eat this crap. Isitoshe, the cakes and bread have been added some refined sugar, colorings EH I would not touch white bread with a ten foot pole.


Gluten causes all sorts of indigestion issues and hence the crap is just converted into fat and stored around your abdomen. That is why you go to the gym but still can’t get a six pac like mine and I barely do ab exercises.

The Better Options

These flours are amazing and I have used them personally, successfully: Sorghum, cassava, quinoa, arrowroot, quinoa, coconut, almond, buckwheat.

If you want to learn about gluten-free baking I can teach you, at a reasonable fee, just inbox me tuongee 🙂

I also sell and deliver gluten-free bread and pastries