Ever since I started hosting my own cooking show I have been constantly learning new stuff to create more content and the best part has been baking. As a chef you need to know something to do with pastry for breakfast, snacks, dessert and baked goods play a huge role in those dishes.

Of course baked goods have gotten a bad rap due to usage of refined flour/white wheat flour/all purpose flour which has led to diabetes, heart disease and gluten allergies.

The use of refined sugar, pasteurized milk and food coloring has also led to toxic build up from frequent cake fans.

Gluten-Free Rocks

It is for this reason I have wl researched on the healthiest way to bake which is mostly going gluten-free.

Yes sometimes I do use wheat but only whole wheat, which has a high glycemic load, not good for diabetics though way much better than refined wheat flour.


Unrefined cane sugar has given me the best results and the best part is that it is a whole food: more like dehydrated sugar cane juice. Great for diabetics and weight loss.

jaggery is a good derivative of unrefined cane sugar and it is very affordable, Ksh 110 per half a KG at nakumatt and uchumi.

I buy light muscovado, Ksh 345 at nakumatt though I also use dark muscovado which is cheaper, Ksh 245 per 500g.

Some recipes say honey or maple syrup but I find that not to make business sense and I would be forced to overprice my product.


Commercial bread and pastries will probably have genetically modified ‘vegetable’ oil which are synthetic and very processed.

I have been using coconut oil and I would not be happier. Taste is amazing as well as the health benefits.


Dessicated coconut, almond flour, cassava flour, buckwheat flour are legendary. Oatmeal, chickpea flour also nice the gluten-free campaign.


I love cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves