Commercial all purpose cleaners are perhaps the most toxic chemicals in an ordinary home. Crap like 2-butoxyethanol or 4-dioxane does not sound safe to me, I do not even need a study. Things like  Corexit 9527A are banned in most EU countries and U.K but you will find it in your favourite dish-washing liquid with lemon, that absolutely has no lemon inside, but a synthesized version of it. But there are regu;lators like KEBS making sure things are healthy, yeah right; KEBS is one of the most corrupt governmental institution, yaani Gavaa ni mental institution, and with Uhuru Kenyatta in power, corruption in governmental institutions will not decrease since he is also corrupt, carefree and oh yes, wanted by the International Criminal Court for murder, rape, displacing people, and other atrocities that we all know very well he funded during the post election violence, but this is not a political blog post so I will leave it there before you blind Uhuru supporters get annoyed and close this page.

Cleaning Liquid Recipe

Back to cleaning and the simplest way you can avoid toxic cleaning products is going green, nothing else. I used to love chemistry in high school and I remember reading the used of bicarbonate of soda in industry. Of course this was not part of the syllabus, I had to get such information from the library, yes I was a book-head even from back in the day. I remember reading about hos baking soda is used to clean some nasty chemicals in factories and further research on the internet and trial and error experiments in my kitchen has led me to this amazing recipe that I was planning to share it in my book but I just felt you need to know this immediately because these toxins compromise your immune system leaving room for diseases like cancer, asthma  high blood pressure, diabetes you name

  1. Extract juice from one small lemon (green local lemons are the best, not those huge GMOs from abroad)
  2. Mix with one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and let it fixx. This reaction is key as it activates the lemon and soda, ying yang kinda ting.
  3. You may choose to add hydrogen peroxide to the mix and hot water but without the peroxide the concoction does work very well, even with cold water but hot water is the best.

and there you have it, a very cheap, non-toxic cleaning liquid that you can use with ANYTHING; I use it to clean my apartment, clothes, teeth, dishes, the list is endless, Oh I also use it to shower when I am out of aloe vera soap, the penultimate all purpose cleaner because I don not think you can wash your body with vim, can you?