Myth #1; Avoiding Fat will help me lose my Fat

Most people think that omitting fat from their diet, they will not get fat. They end up replacing those fats with ‘fat-free’ versions of food. When you go on a low-fat fad diet, you deprive your body energy, which most of it comes from the burning of fats in the body. Most of the time, it is saturated fats that are crucified, said to be bad fats and raise cholesterol. Well if these fats were bad, then why are they present naturally in PLANT FOODS too? Yes spirulina, almonds, coconut, hemp seeds, olives, all contain an amount of saturated fat that is useful in the human body for cell structure and a plethora of other uses.

Manufacturers are playing tricks with your mind too. When you go to the shop, you see vegan cheese, vegan margarine, vegetable oil, which is mostly a synthetic genetically modified oil from GM soybeans.

Myth #2 Diet Soda or Coke Zero is better

About a year ago, people from cocacola reached me and wanted some bloggers to promote their new range of ‘healthy’ products. Of course I declined the invite to a posh hotel, where they would have served us unhealthy food as well. I told them the only way cocacola could be healthier is by dissolving the company and repenting for the mass murder of people all over the world with their products. A few months later they launch coke zero which is purported to have zero sugar. Yes it does not have sugar but it is sweetened with even more toxic artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup or aspartame which changes into formaldahyde when reacting with stomach acids. Formaldahyde is the liquid used to preserve organs and dead snakes in a lab for students to learn, you remember that nasty liquid in the biology lab, with the dead snake in, yes that is what you are drinking when you buy majority of commercial processed drinks.

Myth #3 Rice and ugali are healthy carbs

I sing this almost everyday. White rice is POISON. First of all, the rice is bleached from original brown colour like in brown rice, to that white colour because of market purposes. The more bleached the rice, people think it actually has more quality, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not eat chlorine or any other toxic bleaching agents, cancer mtu wangu.

Secondly, the millers strip off around 80-90% of nutrients and fibre from the rice to make it last longer on the shelf. Brown rice goes bad pretty fast, because it HAS NUTRIENTS; B vitamins, calcium, manganese, fibre, phytonutrients, antioxidants, that help regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and also reduce inflammation like flu, arthritis, cancer, TB, you name it. Brown rice tastes fantastic and is versatile, recently I just hacked a brown rice cookie recipe, gluten-free, coming soon in my first healthy cookbook, nikisema first I mean I intend to write many, InshAllah.

Myth #4 Going To The Gym is Healthy

Yes going to the gym, in my opinion, is most of the time ineffective in terms of improving health and I will explain why. First of all, you should know that arthritis researchers go to the gym to get good samples of people putting excessive pressure on their joints and what not. Lifting 100 KGs of steel seems absurd, because there is no way you are helping your heart, yes, you will get the attention from the ladies, with those big muscles, but is it worth sacrificing your forelimbs?

Why run on a treadmill while you can run in nature, among trees, especially if you live in up-market Nairobi, like westlands, runda, karen, I used to live in Karen while in University and I loved running among trees, felt very therapeutic.

Another reason why the gym is not effective is the fact that most of the time there is music playing, loud music which will not facilitate exercising of your mind. Just try brisk walking in the eerie silence of the wee hours like 6 a.m., so therapeutic right thur! Oh and you can’t meditate or do yoga in the gym, which are one of the most effective excercise, scientifically verified

I also prefer walking and jogging simply because it is free. The gym at Lang’at mall costs KES 4 000 per month, some high-end gyms cost over 20, 000 for bla and blah. I’d rather save that 4k and channel it into my business than someone else’s.