Is Swimming Really Healthy?

I used to live in a hostel that had a swimming pool. I did my laps almost every sunny day but slowly I started feeling weak and dizzy after each swim. I searched online about the effects of exposing your whole body to chlorine and what I found astonished me.

Almost everyone believes that swimming is healthy. Yes, If you are swimming in the ocean, that is healthy but in chlorine, not so. Fluorides are also paired with chlorides for a more toxic cocktail to keep the swimming pool cleaner. Fluorides and chlorides were used by hitler and the nazis to zombify the jews in concentration camps. Remember the movie ‘escape from sorbibor’? the ‘showers’ were chlorine gas chambers. This is why I have never dived into a swimming pool ever since.

Well, naturally  occurring fluorides in mineral water are healthy, but when you use a synthesized version in excess, unnaturally, you are going to have problems.

Population Control

Swimming is fun, and if done in non toxic water, it is no doubt the best exercise. The problem is that cancer and medicine in general is a big money, and a population with cancer means profit for a few elite fat cats. Chlorine and fluorine and their derivatives are known to cause a college of health problems like infertility, which one can argue is a way to control a fast growing population since resources like oil are dwindling and land is becoming more scarce, more segmented.

High exposure to toxic swimming pool water is also linked to cancer  which is now big business in Kenya, NaiROBme oncology and cancer center, Aga Khan Heart and cancer center are raking in billions of Kenyans’ life savings annually with treatments that don’t even work, notice every famous/infamous person who got cancer died shortly after going to hospitals?

Alternatives To Swimming

  1. Meditation and Yoga

These two lie in the same bed. Studies are now proving the invaluable benefits of low intensity exercise in weight loss and avoiding diseases generally without the strain of lifting other traditional approaches of exercise. And you don’t have to join a yoga studio, just use youtube and watch a video like this

2. Walking

Another simple way to keep healthy is walking at least 20-30 minutes a day, preferably while doing deep breathing exercises. Brisk walking (walking fast) is also a better way to do your cardio and it is best done outside, among nature rather than a gym on a treadmill.

3. Dancing

Just play your favorite music and dance for 30 minutes, the best cardio ever since you are having fun and also music helps, a thing called musicotherapy, a story for another day.

4. Cycling

5. Sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis



3 thoughts on “Is Swimming Really Healthy?

  1. Boss, true chlorine found in swimming pools is not the best of things. The same is found in council water… your tap water, shower etc. Granted, you’ve illuminated that, but you’ve half baked it. You might have wanted to shed light that chlorine is anti-bacterial. Its put in water to kill bacteria and other pathogens. Swimming in chlorinated pools (There are other ways of filtering pool water, not all pools are chlorinated!) exposes the body to it via the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It absorbs and expells.

    Chlorine absorbed via the skin kills off friendly bacteria. I beleive this is what has you all worked up. This is a fact that alot of seasoned swimmers are aware of. It is then important to replenish friendly flora after a swim. Infact, its important to keep feeding the body friendly bacteria, all the time! Bwana Kahonge, do you know this? Do you know how?

    Almost everything is dangerous and cancerous if one does it without thinking first. Food can kill you eg Organic mouldy/poisonous food. Infact organic food is preferred by alot of pathogens, so one has to be very careful while picking them out. So, does that mean we all stop eating? Meditation and yoga is frowned upon by many christians. Its said to open up doors for the enemy into your world. Google. The Bible actually instructs us to ‘Meditate ON THE WORD OF GOD!’ If you cycle or walk on the road, chances are you might be hit by a car or mugged by a thief. Do we stop doing this?

    I would want to evaluate everything before rushing into drastic decisions, moreso if it influences others. Swimming is good and very healthy. One exercise that works almost all muscle groups, the miniature costumes expose the body to sunlight, the bonding, stress relief etc The trick is to pick a pool thats not over clorinated and ensure you replenish the gut afterwards.

  2. chlorine has a copious amount of negative side effects I would have to write at least 5 000 words to shed light on them but I think cancer is more dangerous since its treatment cost families fortunes and lives I have witnessed that with many of my close friends. Yes I do a lot of probiotics; raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar, I even make my own sauerkraut, Kim chi, natural yoghurt but even loading up on probiotics and superfoods cannot make one immune to the hazardous effects of chlorinated swimming pools. Many health conscious individuals; nutritionists, herbalist, holistic doctors I know are strongly against this. Yoga is the most diverse because you can do it anywhere anytime anyhow, there is even yoga you can do while stuck in traffic jam.

    If one cannot meditate or do yoga because of christianity then he/she has a bigger problem. I am not a person to follow what the Bible says, I follow what my instinct and intelligence tells me, which is yoga is proven by science and real life experience that it is one of the best exercises since it is holistic in approach. Search about yoga, meditation, ayurveda and get informed, there is no such crap like opening doors for the enemy, hahaha where did you hear that EH! that is just hear-say and heresy! No facts, just doctrine, dogma, most likely brought by white colonialists who brought you your bible, and got rid of our Afrikan culture of praying while facing mount Kenya, remember that?

    This is why I do not follow what the bible says, especially slavery, for more than 400 years our people were chained in ships and treated like animals, and the ‘good book’ says its ok

  3. by the way the probability of being hit by a car while running on a footpath or in a forest is very negligible compared to that of getting cancer while swimming in a chlorinated pool, in fact there in a risk increase of 400%, do the math.

    Swimming is also unsustainable, which goes against my principles. All that chlorine is then dumped into our precious water sources, again, increasing disease and making plants not grow.\, hurting us organic farmers whgile we try so hard to feed the people with heavenly food. In fact mold claims are just there to scare the public, from buying organics, claims of course made by companies like monsanto who benefit from chemical farming. Did you know most plants die within days after being sprinkled with chlorinated water, sure the cons far much outweigh the pros of swimming, this is basic cost-benefit analysis. Why spoil the good bacteria, then spend money and time trying to replenish it?

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