I used to live in a hostel that had a swimming pool. I did my laps almost every sunny day but slowly I started feeling weak and dizzy after each swim. I searched online about the effects of exposing your whole body to chlorine and what I found astonished me.

Almost everyone believes that swimming is healthy. Yes, If you are swimming in the ocean, that is healthy but in chlorine, not so. Fluorides are also paired with chlorides for a more toxic cocktail to keep the swimming pool cleaner. Fluorides and chlorides were used by hitler and the nazis to zombify the jews in concentration camps. Remember the movie ‘escape from sorbibor’? the ‘showers’ were chlorine gas chambers. This is why I have never dived into a swimming pool ever since.

Well, naturally  occurring fluorides in mineral water are healthy, but when you use a synthesized version in excess, unnaturally, you are going to have problems.

Population Control

Swimming is fun, and if done in non toxic water, it is no doubt the best exercise. The problem is that cancer and medicine in general is a big money, and a population with cancer means profit for a few elite fat cats. Chlorine and fluorine and their derivatives are known to cause a college of health problems like infertility, which one can argue is a way to control a fast growing population since resources like oil are dwindling and land is becoming more scarce, more segmented.

High exposure to toxic swimming pool water is also linked to cancer  which is now big business in Kenya, NaiROBme oncology and cancer center, Aga Khan Heart and cancer center are raking in billions of Kenyans’ life savings annually with treatments that don’t even work, notice every famous/infamous person who got cancer died shortly after going to hospitals?

Alternatives To Swimming

  1. Meditation and Yoga

These two lie in the same bed. Studies are now proving the invaluable benefits of low intensity exercise in weight loss and avoiding diseases generally without the strain of lifting other traditional approaches of exercise. And you don’t have to join a yoga studio, just use youtube and watch a video like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3vLZqPZxZE.

2. Walking

Another simple way to keep healthy is walking at least 20-30 minutes a day, preferably while doing deep breathing exercises. Brisk walking (walking fast) is also a better way to do your cardio and it is best done outside, among nature rather than a gym on a treadmill.

3. Dancing

Just play your favorite music and dance for 30 minutes, the best cardio ever since you are having fun and also music helps, a thing called musicotherapy, a story for another day.

4. Cycling

5. Sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis