One of the most ridiculous statements I have heard in my practice is that yoga and meditation is pagan and devilish. Ati ‘meditation is a way to let the evil one inside’. Of course this is all Bullshit since NONE is backed with cold hard evidence like scientific lab and/or clinical studies, no. It’s not like there are a number of testimonies where people who meditate actually saw or felt the evil one coming in, hahaha funny right? if at all, there are witness accounts and several studies that show yoga and meditation improved people’s health, life, righteousness, the principle of karma, but to many people are blinded by either religion or culture that makes them the opposite of a freethinker.

Become a Free-Thinker 

A free thinker is an individual that has simply is open to new things as longs as they are proven to be legit and good for them, in this case yoga and meditation. A freethinker will not let the priest or sheikh tell him/her what is good or bad, a free-thinker trusts his own instincts, intelligence and intuition in decision making. A freethinker will not just read my blog and believe everything here, he/she would read more and check for consistency with other food revolutionaries like Mike Adams at and other alternative sources of unbiased information. Who in fact have written about a plethora of studies showing the health benefits of yoga and meditation.

The Real Conspiracy 

Yoga, meditation and ayurveda lie in the same bed. Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of natural medicine dating from 5 000 years ago. They use natural herbs, superfoods, yoga and meditation to treat diseases that your conventionally de-educated doctor thinks is incurable  Yes modern doctors are de-educated into believing that many diseases are terminal and the only thing they can do is sell expensive drugs or surgery. For example, brain-washed doctors believe that diabetes, cancer is incurable  stuff I can cure in my sleep standing on my head with simple stuff like lemon juice, garlic, spirulina, yoga and meditation. Which has more than 77 documented health benefits.

Another key tenet of yoga and meditation is the principle of karma. What goes around comes around. If you eat a bad diet, you will get sick, if you eat well, you’ll be well, everyday. This is not consistent with religion. You pastor/priest will tell you to pray to get healed. In fact they can even pray overnight for you to get rid of that cancer, but if you don’t do spirulina, chlorella, broccoli juice, ginger…all that prayer is useless and just another way to make him richer, he is not praying for free, you have to give him some money, in the name of tithe or zakat.

Yoga is great and universal meaning it can be done by a 50 KG obese person to help lose weight or even a 8 month pregnant woman who would like to relieve her back pains naturally. Heck even autistic and epileptic are prescribed yoga to treat their neurological disorders, pagan my ass.

Personally I practice yoga and meditation everyday. To me, it is heavenly divine. In fact meditation is the first thing I do when I wake up. Then yoga, then blog or read, then a superfood concoction before I warm up for my morning run. Then I stretch using yoga positions and principles and start my day healthier and wiser, more righteous, with more love 🙂 what is pagan about that?