Diabetes is a fast spreading pandemic here in Kenya, simply caused by an onslaught of refined/processed dead foods, toxins in form of household cleaners and lack of regular physical exercise. Obesity also contributes dearly to getting diabetes and more people are dying due to a westernized approach to treating the condition.

Back in the day, we used to go to herbalists for medicine, now it’s the pharmacists who we run to, not knowing what is inside the so called medicine, we ingest pills blindly hoping the blood sugar will be controlled, without adjusting diets and lifestyles. It’s absurd, the fact that some diabetics shove down their throats, tens, hundreds of pills, while a simple lemon can stabilize blood sugar. It hurts me to hear that a friend of mine’s grandfather just died of diabetes treatment, costing them millions, whereas natural treatment costs next to nothing, A ginger root is KES 10 at the local grocer and can stabilize blood sugar when made into a tea, or added raw into a veg juice. How much is a dose of insulin?

I discovered this documentary that actually proves that diabetes type 2 and 1 are both reversible once you eat wholesome raw organics for 30 days, and the incorporate them into your daily eating plan, not exclusively of course but 70% raw organics and 30% cooked whole foods works very well to fend of all types of diseases, not just diabetes alone.

What is also showed in the documentary is the importance of exercise and being stress-free in the plight of fighting the disease. One old fella was not full of life, he spent the whole time in the bed and was not liking the raw food ideas. Of course he could not make it and even called his cousin, a very obese man to come and pick him up, I bet they drove to the nearest burgerhouse, but those who gave it their 110% saw their diabetes just go away. Two people who were passionate about getting healthy were the black dude in glasses and the old Italian man who got off 18 medication and all health signals were positive, lowered the blood pressure, increased energy.

diabetes is curable and if you have it, or know someone who has it please share this video with them