ArtCaffe is arguably one of the best restaurants in Kenya especially due to their prime pantheon of pastry perfection. Since galleria opened I have been frequenting there and once in a while I pop in a restaurant to check eat and most of the time I never get healthy food. Things are changing though. I once noticed bean sprouts in a burger on display once and that made me inquire more about ArtCaffe’s baked goods.


The establishment is essentially a coffee and bakery spot but the menu is diverse that includes savory offerings. Today I will write about the baked goods I find healthy.

Granola Cookies

Below are the granola cookies, made with oats, olive oil, and they do not have preservatives like the commercial cookies.



The best part about it is that they also have started selling whole grain bread; whole wheat bread (Ksh 180 per loaf), Whole wheat cereal bread (Ksh 220 – has flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds so more fibre and nutrients), French bread made with 70% rye flour and 30% whole wheat). The whole wheat cereal is the healthiest of them all and the best selling too, accoring to the nice lady who gladly helped me with this information. Oh and all their breads are made with sourdough bread, which utilized wild yeast for better fermenting the starter or levain (technical bread-making banter) which adds more probiotics for better digestion and processing of gluten.

Which brings me to another point, service. ArtCaffe service is great, really good standards. Though my friend tell me there is a problem of racial discrimination at the westgate branch. This I have to inform whoever is concerned as it is very serious.

If you love bread and would like to avoid stuff like sodium benzoate and monosodium glutamate, then I would advice buying from ArtCaffe. It might sound much more expensive but the benefits are long-term plus, this is gourmet bread, it tastes very good, authentic and makes amazing toast.

The cakes are mostly made with refined flour which is sad but I really hope they do try some gluten-free variations and also use healthier sweeteners like honey, jaggery, unrefined cane sugar, what I use in baking. I saw on their website that they offer 100% chocolate cake which is healthy though I have not tried it yet, looks fantastic though

100% chocolate cake
Another good thing is the discounts they offer on bread read below.

1 Coffee and pastry for 300
2 Friday offer – all dry cakes for 450
3 Saturday offer – all cookies for 300
4 All cocktail for 450 between 1600 to 1900
5 Every day from 1800 buy any kind of bread and get the second one for
half price
6 Foccaia Herbs @ 160/=
7 Foccaia Toppings @ 240/=