Healthy Food Sources

Many health conscious individuals would like to know where I get my healthy food and this page will exclusively talk about that.

Good Health Herbal Clinic

  • Located in Nairobi City center/CBD around jevanjee garden
  • Very intelligent and experienced Dr. Edmund Gichini stocks many kinds of herbs and spices, organically grown of course.
  • I get my cayenne pepper, turmeric, green tea, stinging nettle, cinnamon, powdered soy beans ginger & garlic.
  • Some of his stuff are harvested from the wild, Mt Kenya forest, and therefore are of superior quality than farmed organics.
  • He is also an expert in treating disease naturally, a good man.
  • Phone number 0722 867 324

Mama Mboga

  • Many people think that supermarket vegetables are of higher quality but that is not usually the case. I have eaten the tastiest kale from the roadside veg vendor and cheap too. She also stocks the best local lemons that I use for cleaning everyday, as well as the freshest managu or terere.
  • Mama mboga has a simple supply chain that mostly relies of squatter-farmers who most of the time practice farming the old skool way, what we would call organic. these farmers don’t have the finances to buy sacks of fertilizer not gallons of herbicides so they just have to do it organically, with manure and inter-cropping.
  • Most important is to ask where your food comes from.
  • A good thing about traditional veg like terere, saga, mto, is that most of these grow in the wild or like weeds especially terere, meaning no chemicals and more nutrients.

Organic Farmer’s Market

As a chef, I can tell you that organic food tastes way much better than anything else. I don’t know about you but glyphosate sounds rather unpalatable to me, which is round up pesticide, which has been heavily used in Kenya. Dimethoatel does not sound yummy to me EH even Kenyan vegetables are being rejected by the EU due to using banned chemicals, OMG

  • Located at the purdy arms restaurant in Karen on Saturdays and upper hill springs inn on Fridays.
  • They have the best, freshest organically certified produce in Kenya at very reasonable prices, sometimes cheaper than conventional produce you might get at the store.
  • Honey, eggs, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, kale, spinach, milk, aloe vera soap the list is endless and the market is growing everyday as more Kenyans become informed on the health risk of eating pesticide-laden food as opposed to wholesome chemical-free organics.
  • The more people that buy organics, the mos\re farmers will be compelled to switch to organic, it is happening all over the world, India, Australia, Americas, the organic food movement is growing even here in Kenya; we had just one market now we have two organic farmer’s markets on two different days, vivre la revolution.

Nairobi City Market and Halal Butchers

  • I get my fish and seafood from the city market where most of the time it is fresh from Kisumu city or the Indian Ocean. Wild caught fish taste best, no doubt and here you will get very good prices compared to elsewhere.
  • Chicken but I don’t like eating chicken very much because to get high quality free range birds is hard, most people would rather farm genetically modified bird for more profit. These birds also eat genetically modified food so I limit mi chicken intake unles I get it from the organic farmer’s mareket or my mum’s source at the former mutindwa market.

Healthy U Stores

  • Located in major malls like galleria, westgate, Tmall, the junction so things will be expensive.
  • I get my oats, flaxseeds, nuts like pistachios, walnuts, vinegar especially the organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  • Avoid ALL SUPPLEMENTS; Vitamin C pills for KES 1200 or a juicy delicious local orange ya shillingi kumi? common sense people. majority of the stock in healthy U is supplements which I am strongly against because they are nutritionally imbalanced, are processed and have additives, preservatives  coloring and many other unhealthy stuff.
  • Like I said, most of their stuff is expensive hence unsustainable so I only get stuff that I can’t get anywhere else like spirulina, organic oats, buckwheat flour, quinoa, nuts and seeds, lentils, beans, vinegar, some spices like their paprika, star anise, licorice
  • I also get my beloved raw organic cocoa powder and organic chocolate from healthy U but I plan to start buying from abroad through a friend and selling them to you :-), cutting offf the middleman mtu wangu. I also plan to import stuff like chia seeds, Himalayan salt salmp, BPA-Free yoga gear, low GI organic sweeteners like agave syrup, yacon syrup, stevia.

The Dreaded Supermarket

Supermarkets are also adjusting to higher demand of healthy products and today you can buy extra virgin coconut oil from uchumi or tuskys and they also stock an array of herbal teas, but I prefer just getting organic stuff from Dr Gichini from above.

  • I get my Himalayan natural salt from Nakumatt because I don’t trust other funny brands especially tusky’s which tastes like table salt to me.
  • Unrefined peanut oil, sunflower oil, winnie’s pure health products, baking soda, peroxide and kitchen equipment is what I buy most from nakumatt.

101 thoughts on “Healthy Food Sources

  1. I can’t find chia seeds anywhere but there are hemp seeds at Healthy U retailing at around KES 500 for a packet say 250 grams. I always get my almonds from healthy U too, though not organic but they are good quality

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  3. Hello, thank you so much for the information, just wondering do you know where i can order chia seeds that will actually get here? Also fennel have you found them anywhere?

  4. Am finally home coz am happy i can get some herbs right here in Kenya. I am wondering whether i can get fennel or licorice or soy beans or soy milk, u know why i need them? Well thats good but thats all i need please waiting for reply. Mercie here all in need. Cheers doc

  5. Hi, am looking for hemp seeds. Do you know where and how I can get these in Nairobi? Healthy U stocks hemp seed protein powder, Naturya brand. That’s not what I need. Your response/help will be appreciated.

    • rosemary, exercise, meditation, yoga, green leafy veggies and a lot of spring water << it is all about a lifestyle change, not that there is a one thing you can do to change that, you just have to change your lifestyle

  6. would anyone know where I can get a variety of good quality kitchen herb seeds or seedlings (preferably) for growing in the kitchen garden? herbs like chives, rosemary, parsley, ginger, basil, thyme, mint, oregano, chillies, coriander, tarragon,bell peppers, celery, leeks, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower…

  7. hello where in nbi can I get pure virgin coconut oil ,organic oats n organic Bragg apple cider vinegar( with the mother)?,thnx…..

  8. Hi, I have been trying desperately to get Dunga Spirulina. I understand its available at the ‘Healthy U’ store near the Hilton in CBD. Is that near the ‘Bata Shop’ that is opposite Kencom? Would you please give me directions as to its exact position coz I have walked round that area and have not seen any ‘Healthy U’ store? Thank You!

  9. hello i would like to get apple cider vinegar 250ml. where can i get it and for how much?
    as well as dudu osin black soap

  10. This sounds great to me as a Pastry Chef, i would like to know more about the products and how i can put on a fabulous strategy to the food industry in Kenya because am always left with an urge to make a great change and reveal how caring and considerate we are ” CHEFS ” when the guest feels unsatisfied.. at large especially in Hotel and bakery industry.

    Thanks in advance.

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