I recently chewed a stone while eating at a local restaurant and therefore I got a nasty toothache. Of course I was not going to buy me some asprin I knew my pantry stocked a much more powerful painkiller, Organic sun-dried Turmeric. So I mixed 1 teaspoon turmeric with same portion stinging nettle and some natural Himalayan salt and a dash of baking soda and the pain went away, like 20 minutes after the drink. I repeated that 3 times a day and noticed more energy and I felt much better, happier. Its an amaIng feeling to relieve a very painful toothache. On hot days I just mix turmeric with natural Himalayan salt and cold water for a superfood nutrient boost.

Turmeric has a huge range of health benefits, like treating cancer but I think these infographics will explain better, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words..