Kenyans are becoming fatter by the minute. The rife expansion of the economy has seen an equal amount of food joints brought up but very sad that most of it is junk food joints especially in middle-income neighborhoods like Doonholm which got its own steers a few years back and now greenspan is loaded with genetically modified chicken & potatoes at the local pizza/chicken inn. Almost everywhere you go, you will find junk food, Parklands, Westlands, Lang’ata, Mlolongo, Ngong road and now slowly creeping into rural areas. In the homes, it is all heavily refined foods like white rice, bleached white flour in chapatis, mandazi and bread…then you wonder why you have excessive belly fat! It’s absurd. If that is not enough, most Kenyans will drink tea/coffee with bovine growth hormone-laced milk and refined bleached sugar. This is why you have that belly fat baibe and if you wish to lose it and become more healthier, this is what you MUST DO.

No Short Cuts

There are no shortcuts to losing weight, no superpill, no supplement, no diet and certainly no surgery like a gastric bypass will help. You have to be really ignorant and unintelligent to think that chopping off some of your stomach will help you lose weight by curbing food cravings. this is what is being done today, in the name of gastric bypass. Just eat whole organic foods and medicinal herbs and see that food craving disappear. How, you ask, check it out

  1. Reduce Refined Foods

If you want to lose the belly fat, you have to lose this stuff from your diet, period. You cannot have a nice 6 pac like mine if you consume heavily refined stuff. Sh!t like bread, even brown, whole meal are made by 100% bleached and nutrient-void all-purpose flour. In fact brown bread or wholemeal bread is much more toxic than white since they at times add brown color to white bread to make you think it is healthier. This flour has 90% less nutrients and fibre hence when you eat it, you don’t get the nutrients you desperately need therefore your body signals you to look for these nutrients, that signal is a food craving but when you eat stuff like whole grain rye bread or better yet gluten-free bread, you won’t get any food cravings whatsoever.

Soda is of course a no-no because one glass of this crap is equal to 3 cups of refined sugar, they call it high fructose corn syrup to confuse you. They will put aspartame in coke zero, yes it has no sugar but aspartame is a chemical sweetener with far much worse devastating effects than refined sugar.

 2. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to burn fat and it does not need to be stressful nor expensive like going to the gym, just work out within, nature around nature, many studies have proven that outdoor exercise is the most effective, I always like, “You need a study for that?”

Abs exercises are also key

Infographic-Top-Five-Exercises-Lose-Belly-Fat (1)

Walking, jogging, yoga, meditation are my personal favorites and when it is cold and I don’t feel like going out, I just dance to my best high tempo music for 30 minutes. Do not swim. Yes swimming does more harm than good, contrary to conventional wisdom. How? you ask, well, simply chloride. Hitler used chlorine to zombify the jews in concentration camps and this is why you feel energy-drained after a swim, as opposed to having loads of energy after a nice walk in the park/forest. When you dive into a chlorinated swimming pool, you absorb a whole lot of chlorine via your skin and other places and this increases chances of cancer by 400%. If you must swim, try doing it in the ocean because the toxins in a normal pool will affect your endocrine glands, the glands that tell you when you are hungry or full…this is one cause of food cravings, toxins, which leads me to my next point.

3. Toxic Environment

We live in a very toxic world. If it is not the herbicides, pesticides or fungicides in our food, it is the aluminium in our cooking utensils, mercury in our teeth fillings and cadmium, chromium, aluminum in those pretty lips, yes lipstick is laden with heavy metals, just get shea butter or coconut oil to makes your lips sexier less the mouth cancer.lipstick

Basically all cosmetics are toxic, there is no way around that. Personally I never use them, I shower, clean and brush my teeth with lemon juice + baking soda + hot water + coconut oil. I also use coconut oil + baking soda as a deodorant. Talk about green cleaning, I live this stuff!

Almost all plastics have a chemical known as BPA which causes all kinds of problems especially your body’s ability to burn fat.

Therefore avoid plastic water bottles or get a BPA-free bottle to ensure you drink water and no BPA.

  4. Stress

Last but arguably the most important is stress. If you watch the news and most TV shows you will be stressed. First, all they report on the news is politics, accidents and other irrelevant sh!t to keep you in fear. A population in fear is much easier to control. The soap operas and reality shows will have you believing in a false reality, a facade, and this is probably why many Kenyan women are single and desperate enough to pay a Nigerian pastor to pray for them to get men. Most women are waiting for Mr Right, they are waiting for Alejandro to sweep them off their feet with a mercedes benz, not love or compassion, it did happen on TV yes?

Working in a place you don’t want is negative stress and will cause problems. Being in a relationship you hate is killing you slowly. concentrating on what people would think about you will cause stress, just do you thing boy.

Stress is the leading cause of disease and death in this world. In fact, studies quantify this to cause almost 86% of ailments we see today. Just do yoga, meditate, and release stress naturally.