Last week I blogged about reducing belly fat and the post going viral showed how many people would like to lose some weight; hence I decided to write more on weight loss, though following my healthy tips always leads to sustainable weight loss eventually. Personally I lost more than 14 KGs/30.9 pounds a few years back after embracing a healthy lifestyle and I have never felt better in my life. I sleep better, I am always full of energy, think more clearer, smarter…the list is endless of how great it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can if you want to, you can choose to buy nduma/arrow root for KES 20 and some sweet potatoes for KES 20 and boil them, pair them with sorghum/millet porridge and have a cheap nutritious breakfast that will give you enough energy for the whole day, you won’t even think about lunch and can save the money or something. Which bring me to my first myth I need to debunk.

Myth #1; Losing Weight is Expensive

People think to lose weight you have to join a fancy gym with a pool and sauna but in reality, the most lean people in this country are people who walk the most distances. Look at the nomadic tribes we have, have you ever seen a cultured Maasai with a big belly? I did n’t think so, these people walk mind-boggling distances, eat bitter herbs and grass-fed beef which is loaded with healthy omega 3 fats as opposed to the factory farmed beef you ate last night that was fed with genetically modified corn which is loaded with pro inflammation omega 6 fats. In case you did not know, inflammation means disease.

The folk that walk from Kayole to industrial area are very lean and healthy and mostly eat whole maize ugali with traditional vegetables like mrenda, managu, terere, no bellies here.

Walking is free, fun and you can do anytime anywhere, Oh and you save on fuel money or bus fare. I walk 3 times a week for 6 KM, awesome.

Myth #2; Low Fat High Carb Diet, Fad Diets

Your brain is almost 70-80% fat. It would be obvious to concur that eating fat will help the brain since we lose brain cells every minute, right? But mainstream weight loss strategies and fad diets advocate for eating low-fat foods but you have to replace those calories with something else, which most of the times comes from unhealthy protein and simple refined carbohydrates like bread, white rice, white chapati, white ugali that is simply converted into belly fat.

Personally I eat plenty amount of fat; extra virgin coconut oil is my primary oil for cooking, but I also use unrefined peanut oil, sunflower oil, very little extra virgin olive oil (high in omega 6 < high in inflammation). I also use plenty of butter in my baking, and cooking, I even make ugali sometimes with butter. I also use a lot of honey and eat several avocados a week. I eat grass-fed halal red meat almost 3 times a week, I eat fatty fish a lot and I am 58.5 KGs, can it be the fat? nope, I am living proof! Oh I also upped my pork intake with skin on, as well as bacon and homemade sausages, I have no pot belly, just a six pac!

Myth # 3 Supplements, Liposuction and Surgery for weight loss

Protein pills, gastric bypass and weight loss super pills are nothing but a scam. They do not work and most of the time lead to more problems even death especially the case of gastric bypass. Food and lifestyle changes is the only way to lose weight sustainably, survival of the fittest, it is that simple. If you are not ready to give up that coffee/tea/sugar/white rice, then you are not fit to be fit.

Myth #4 Eating Fewer Calories and burning more will help me lose weight

I know an obese tweep who is like 111 KGs and I tried to knock some sense that calories from organic quinoa are not the same as those from bleached nutrient-void wholemeal bread but as you all know, common sense is not common. She was constantly nagging of how she needs to needs to eat less than 1200 calories .. how can you carry 245 pounds around on prison servings? Its absurd. Again back to my personal experience, I eat more than 2500 calories of mostly organic food with plenty of vegetables and herbs. I most definitely do not burn 2500 calories a day in my exercise regime. I barely burn 250 per day, lightly jogging or walking.

5 More Weight Loss Tips

I know what you are thinking, ‘your metabolism is much better’, well yes, that is because I eat mostly organic food with plenty of vegetables and herbs, you get what am saying, ying yang balance.

  • Stuff like organic cayenne pepper boosts your metabolism by 25%, hence very invaluable for weight loss. Get organic cayenne from Good Health Herbs in town near jevanjee gardens (DR Gichini 0722 876 324)
  • Vegetable Juices help satiate you meaning no food cravings hence less calorie intake. (Kale + pineapple, terere + carrots, apple + celery + cucumber more ideas online and in your mind). Vegetable also help in weight loss since they detox your gut and a healthy gut metabolizes stuff much faster.
  • Nuts and seeds are nutritional powerhouses that are great to snack on. Get hemp seeds, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds and eat them whenever you feel like eating something insane like a smokey.
  • Timing; the time you eat is key for weight loss. If you eat a heavy supper after 8 and sleep like 9 or 10, you will never lose the belly fat. What happens is that the food you ate is not going to be digested and simply turned into fat and stored as visceral fat (belly fat). I always advise my clients to eat heavy in the morning, like the sorghum + root vegetables I was talking about earlier, then heavy lunch like brown rice with minced beef curry and sautéed broccoli/terere. For the evening you can just have some organic hot chocolate with gluten-free baked goods or root vegetables again. If you crave for food just put some cayenne in water and drink, also helps to literally burn fat.
  • Stress = bad metabolism = weight gain, again very simple, avoid negative stress and deal with positive stress positively 🙂